He Is My Escape

It took Charlie years, to figure out what actually happened. When she did, she could not believe it. Why did her father keep her from the world? What was his secret? She never went to school. She was street smart. She moved every month. She didn't even bother unpacking anymore. She sees her father do the unthinkable. She is in shock. She has to get away. Before anything happens to her. But will she be able to escape?


15. The Secret

Nialls POV

I ran out of the hospital room, i couldn't let her see me cry . I force myself to hold the tears back as I drive towards Jasons Flower Bouquet shop. Im getting her the biggest bouquet, to make up for my behavior. I was getting out of the car when I heard her speak.


"Um, im sorry do I know you?" I speak cautiously.


"You just broke my fucking best friends heart and you think you can get away with this? No. You're going to pay."


"Charlie? How do you know her? And if you were her best friend, where have you been all this damn time?"


"We have been friends forever. I have known her way longer than you and you have just left her heart throbbing in pain, because shes sick. No. You can't do that to her! She needs somebody stable in her life! And i sure as hell don't think you fit the bill."


"I'm sorry but who are you? And you have no clue how sick i feel for leaving her. Why do you think i'm at a flower shop?"


"I'm Marissa. And i don't care about your feelings only hers. You're here because you're a douche. If you would have held her hand, and told her how beautiful she was, she wouldn't be able to wipe any sort of stupid grin off her face." Her face was sour.


"I'm going to tell you something, but you can't tell anyone. This is by far the most important thing in my life, and nothing can ruin it. Okay?" Marissa nods hesitantly, but a grin grows on her face as i whisper the secret into her ear.


"That is just amazing. But i still don't like you." She says a matter-of-factly.


"Cool, because the feeling is mutual."



I updated and y'all really do love my story :') aha so i tried making this a long chapter i dont know if it is but imma try to update again tonight. What do y'all think of the secret ? What do you guys think is going to happen ?! Comment your thoughts ! Please like, favourite, and Comment babes :) Love you !! -Jaymee

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