He Is My Escape

It took Charlie years, to figure out what actually happened. When she did, she could not believe it. Why did her father keep her from the world? What was his secret? She never went to school. She was street smart. She moved every month. She didn't even bother unpacking anymore. She sees her father do the unthinkable. She is in shock. She has to get away. Before anything happens to her. But will she be able to escape?


12. Shes back

Last time on He is My Escape:

"Ive had asthma for years. He didn't know that and obviously you didn't either." She said, her face red from laughing. But her face gets serious.. "Uhm Niall, I guess you should know now.." Her eyes fill with tears. "I don't just have asthma.. I have.."


*Charlies POV*

"I.. uhm.. have Leukimia.." I choke back the tears, as my throat grows dry, begging for water. I gasp for air. Niall searches through his bag frantically, yanking out a water bottle, and presenting it to me, as fast as possible. I grab it and unscrew the lid shakily, my tense body relaxes, as the cold liquid swims down my throat. I part the mouth of the bottle from my lips, and exhale. I look up at niall to see the tears brimming his eyes. "H-how long d-do you h-h-have?" His voice rings out, hoarse. "They said, 5-6 months.." I whisper loud enough for him to hear. His eyes grew wide, he stumbled backwards before turning around and out the door. "Niall.." I whisper.


*Marissas POV*

"Charlie Simms room number now!" The nurse rolls her eyes and tells me. With out muttering a thank you i rush to the room. I barge in, to see charlie with her face in her hands. She looks up. "Theres my warrior" i smile. "Marissa, holy shit! Its actually you!" "I couldn't afford not to be here for my best friend." She smiles warmly down on me. "Now Charbar, Who was that handsome man that just walked out before me?" She winks. I explained what happened and her jaw drops open, her face turned into a scowl. "I will kill that son of a bitch."


*Charlies POV*

Marissa stormed out, as i stifled a giggle. As much as i love Niall, he hurt me.. But she's done things, people shouldn't do. Shit.



A/N I UPDATED! Please dont hate me! How do you like marissa? She will get described eventuallyyyyyy :) So yeahh comments??

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