He Is My Escape

It took Charlie years, to figure out what actually happened. When she did, she could not believe it. Why did her father keep her from the world? What was his secret? She never went to school. She was street smart. She moved every month. She didn't even bother unpacking anymore. She sees her father do the unthinkable. She is in shock. She has to get away. Before anything happens to her. But will she be able to escape?


7. Gone

*Nialls POV*

I yawn and sit up. My arms reach out to the sides as I stretch out. I look down to my side to see her. Shit. She's gone. I get up. She didn't change out of her clothes.. strange. I rush into the kitchen. Nothing. I rush around the flat. She's gone. No note. No text. No call. Nothing. Fuck. I grab my jacket and run outside. Where the hell could she be?! My phone starts ringing ''Hello? Charlie is that you?'' They hung up. I dial some friends numbers and have a group chat. (H-Harry, N-Niall, Z-Zayn, L-Liam, Lou-Louis)



N-Louis? Is that you lad?

Lou-NIALLERRRRRR!!!! Long time no accent mate! How's it going?

N-Well um actu--

H,L,Z- We're here too!!

N-Sorry lads.. Um could you guys fly out here? Its a half an hour flight from where you guys are, and I ju-

L-No problem mate. Well be there as soon as we can.

N-Thanks li..

H-I missed you guys so much! But I got to use the loo so..

Lou- Your using me?! How dare you Hazza?!



Z- You two are ridiculous. Well I will see you all in about an hour.

L-Yep! See you then mate!

H-Now I got to use the WASHROOM! Bye guys!

Lou-Good. Me and Kevin have to pack. BYEE!!! NO! Bad Kevin. Drop the sock!! Aghh!

N-Bye lads. And Thanks


I look at my phone as the call screen disappears. A text notification pops up. I click on it, transforming the home screen into the messages app.

--780-385-9475(That's a completely random number DONT call it)

Message received at 11:34 am. Don't even bother looking for Charlie. She's with me. Nice right hook you got. Just don't come. I'll hurt her if you try. And I will know if you do.

-Ex..;)- --

Its Callen.. (Okay there it is! Callen was her ex boyfriend if you didn't understand!) :)

I cant risk her getting hurt. I run back to the flat and lay on the bed. I just let the tears flow.


*One Hour Later*

I wake up to my phone ringing. My ringtone is Charlie's laugh. Its my favourite thing in the world. But it makes me long even more to get her back, and I didn't even think that was possible.


H-Mate its harry. We're all waiting. Mind picking us up?

N-Harreeehhhhhh! Sure lad I'll be right there! See you in five!

I hung up and headed out to the car. I got in and rushed to the airport. I walked in and there stood my four best friends.

"LADS!"I screamed and ran over! They all engulfed me in a hug and we talked about everyone's life after we parted. "So what's up mate? You sounded really upset on the phone.." Zayn pondered. I told them the whole Charlie situation, not afraid of letting the tears fall. Liam wraps his arms around me, kisses my head and says "it will be alright. We'll find her." (Niam omgggggg) I hope so I whisper. He lets go and grabs his luggage and as we were about to leave, I see her. Walking with him. He has his hand wrapped tightly around her wrist. His grip so hard you can see the blood forced away. She is reluctantly being pulled along by him. Sometimes making him drag her along. "Charlie?!" I shout. The boys drop their bags and watch me run to her. "Niall!" She says tears sliding down her face. I'm almost to her when I hear, "Don't come and fucking closer or I'll shoot her."Callen says. His voice raspy. He grabs the gun from his back pocket and takes it to her head staring me dead in the eye.


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