REVISING AND EDITING Werewolves Aren't Real...Duh (1st book of the Brotherly Rivals series)

Hi. My name is Rain. I know... weird name right? Well, that's my name. Another interesting fact about me is that I'm an orphan. My parents got killed by a mugger when I was 2. I don't remember much about them, but I do remember my sister. She gave me to the orphanage after mom and dad died. She's probably dead. Also, I'm a cutter. I don't particularly enjoy it, but it makes me feel like... I have control. I don't have control at the orphanage. I'm just one of the 50 kids who have to live in this place. They don't give a damn about any of us. I'm turning 15 tomorrow, but they don't care. So I'm running away.
*That's what Rain thought. Little did she know her life was about to change forever.


3. The Talk

Ella's p.o.v.

 Wow. He messed him up good. I have a feeling this is Ian. I'm also guessing he's hurt Rain before. I kinda wanted to let him die, but I wouldn't do that. It's against my nature.

'Jaaaaaaakkkkeeeeeeyyyy. Could you bring my medicine bag to an orphanage about 5 miles from the pack house. Pleeeaaaaasssseeee?' I messaged my mate, Jake, through our 'personal' bond.

'Can't you just poof it up? I'm trying to sleep' he groaned.

'But Jaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkeeeeeee-'

'FINE! I'll be there in 10,' he finally agreed

'Thank you, Jakey,' I said, and he just grunted.

 30 minutes later, he arrived carrying my bag, barely awake. I smiled at his adorableness.

"What happened to 'I'll be here in 10?'" I asked, mimicking his deep voice.

"Oh shut up." He said, dropping my medicine bag and plopping down in the nearest chair. He was asleep within minutes. I turned back to Ian and began working on him. This was gonna take a while.


Rider's p.o.v.

I turned to see Rain looking at her feet.

"Of course we can talk. You okay?" I asked, and she sat down on her knees in front of me.

"I'm fine," she said, looking awkwardly at the ground.

"Listen, my sister explained about the whole werewolf mating thing...." She started picking at the grass.

"I'm glad you know..... after what you saw, I guess you wanna...........reject me. Don't you?" I whispered, dying a little at the thought.

 How could I go on living if she rejected me?

"I never said that," She looked pretty embarrassed, then all of a sudden she stood up.

"Alright, I'm done talkin bull crap," Her tone surprised me. I didn't expect her to get all feisty.

"Look, I think you're hot," she said, and I smirked and raised my eyebrow.

"Don't get all cocky. I just said you were hot. Like, sexy sexy seeeexxxxyyy hot," she said, I flashed her a smile. She just rolled her eyes.

"Soooooo you think I'm seeeexxxxyyy hot. Good to know," I said, and I started laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh shut up, fur ball," she commanded, and my laughter died away immediately. Awwwwwwww crap. She's using her alpha tone.

"Yepp. Izzy explained how I was of 'Alpha blood', and can make you listen to me," she said, and she looked at me mockingly.

"And how you'll do anything for me 'cause you looooooooooove me," she said. She was teasing me.

"But anyway, that's not what I came to talk about," she said, and she suddenly jumped into the nearest tree and began climbing, "Come on pretty boy, I'm thirsty."

  I was confused but followed her, climbing slowly. She was jumping from branch to branch like a monkey. We finally got to the top and disappeared into the tree house at the top. I followed and entered. This place was so cool! There was a mini fridge, a couch, a t.v. with Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and all of the Halo games. Rain got a Dr. Pepper, turned on Halo 4 and started playing. Damn, that was hot.


"See somethin you like, pretty boy?" she asked. She paused the game and smirked at me.

"Gimme your phone," she said,I was startled by the request, but quickly handed my cell phone over. She pressed a bunch of buttons, took a few pictures, and handed it over.

"There, now you have my number and some pictures, now for Bob's sake, quit staring," She went back to her game.

"What...what did you wanna talk about?" I asked

"Oh yeaaaaa...." she said, turning off her game and the television, "Take a seat."

She pointed to the chair in next to the couch. I went over and sat down.

"Okay, here's the deal......... maybe, just maybe, I dontwantyoutohurtpeopleinfrontofmecauseitscaresme." she gushed.

"What??" I aksed. She sighed.

"I don't want to see you hurt people 'cause it scares me. Really, really scares me,"  she whispered, looking down at her hands in her lap.

"I'm so sorry, it'll never happen again. If I can help it," I said quietly.

 "Promise?" she asked, and I smiled.


"Okay then, now that that's out of the way, lets go see Ian," She said happily. I growled at the mention of his name.

"Calm down and come on," she groaned.

  She was already at the exit and she downed the last of her drink, then jumped out. Wow. She doesn't play games, just gets straight to the point. I like that. I followed her into the orphanage to see Ian walking and talking like nothing ever happened. When he saw me, he backed up slowly, looking terrified.

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