REVISING AND EDITING Werewolves Aren't Real...Duh (1st book of the Brotherly Rivals series)

Hi. My name is Rain. I know... weird name right? Well, that's my name. Another interesting fact about me is that I'm an orphan. My parents got killed by a mugger when I was 2. I don't remember much about them, but I do remember my sister. She gave me to the orphanage after mom and dad died. She's probably dead. Also, I'm a cutter. I don't particularly enjoy it, but it makes me feel like... I have control. I don't have control at the orphanage. I'm just one of the 50 kids who have to live in this place. They don't give a damn about any of us. I'm turning 15 tomorrow, but they don't care. So I'm running away.
*That's what Rain thought. Little did she know her life was about to change forever.


7. Jessica and Anthony

Rider's p.o.v.

I felt Rain squeeze my hand. I turned to see my Angel crying. It broke my heart, knowing that my mate was still scared with me around. My pack got here. I messaged my mother when I realized Leon was here. He really ruined the moment. I was so close to mating with her. So close. I could see my mother and father among the wolves. All of a sudden, a rogue attacked Jake. He was ready, and took him down without any trouble. Then the battle started. Wolves everywhere. I was about to jump out and help my pack when I felt a tug on my arm. It was Rain. She was in a heap on he floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Don't leave me alone! Please!" She screamed at me. I had to stay with her. If I didn't, and she got hurt or taken, I wouldn't-no I couldn't-forgive myself.

"Of course I'll stay with you, Angel. I'll never leave you." She seemed happy with my answer. I sat down on the floor with her and pulled her on my lap. I hugged her and stroked he hair gently, trying to calm her down. After a while, her screams turned to sobs, then whimpers. Still we sat there, in the same position.

"Rider," she looked up at me, tears still in her eyes. She's so beautiful.

"Yes, Angel?" She smiles everytime I call her Angel.

"C-can I...move back in with you? I don't wanna be away from you." I was speechless. I didn't expect her to want to sleep in the same room as me after I did something so stupid. She was staring at me intently, waiting for my answer. She looked like she was expecting me to say no.

"I mean, If you don't want me to, that's fine. I was just asking." She looked at the ground.

"No. I mean, yes. I mean, of course I want you in the same room as me. Please, it would be awesome if you moved back in with me." She smiled and rested her head on my chest.

"Awwww! What a touching moment!" The voice was no others than Leon's. Rain screamed and stood up, trying to run away. Leon grabbed her by the hair and threw her down. She screamed in pain. Oh hell no. I jumped up and charged Leon. He was expecting me to go for his face, so he ducked. Instead I kicked, and ended up knocking him flat on his back. I growled and took a step toward him.

"Wow. You've gotten better brother." He was looking at the ceiling.

"Don't call me that!" I growled. I pulled him up by the collar of his shirt into a sitting position and started punching him repeatedly. I heard a crack, and knew I'd broken his nose. He yelped in pain as I brought my foot down on his leg, hearing another satisfying crack. He looked a mess. His nose was bleeding and his leg was bent in a weird angle. Even with werewolf healing, he was gonna be in pain for at least a week. Before I could kill him, I heard Rain scream. I turned around to see her on her knees, arms tied behind her back, with a gun to her head. Behind her was none other than Jessica, my own pack member and ex.

"Let Leon go, or I blow her brains out. Understand?" She sneered, looking at Rain like she was some filthy peice of trash. I instantly let him go, and started walking toward Jessica.

"Don't take another step." Leon was wiping blood off his nose, after somehow pulling himself off the ground with a broken leg.

"Jessica won't hesitate to kill her, you know that. She's furious. You didn't even have the courage to break up with her." Jessica started yelling at me, "HOW DARE YOU DUMP ME...FOR THIS!" She pulled Rain's hair and she yelped. I growled.

"Ah ah ah. Wouldn't want my finger to 'slip', now would we?" She taunted, pressing the gun against her head. All of a sudden, she screamed,dropped the gun, and hit the floor. Lexi was standing there with a bloody dagger. She had stabbed her in the stomach. Rain was struggling against the bonds, and they sliced into her skin. Lexi quickly cut the bonds. Leon was shocked, and I took that opportunity to grab the gun. I pointed it at Leon, and was about to pull the trigger when I heard Lexi trying to wake up Rain.

"She past out. We need to get her back to the pack house." Lexi told me in a frantic voice.

"You got lucky." I spat at Leon before picking up Rain. Lexi grabbed the gun to make sure Leon didn't try anything. I don't know how, but I was able to get down the tree with one arm, and had Rain in the pack house in under 10 minutes. Lexi brought Rain's stuff back from her room. I changed Rain into some green silk pajamas after giving her a bath and washing her hair (not easy to do with an unconscious person.) I cleaned her wrists and layed her down in my bed and covered her up. I took a shower and put on some boxers. Afterwards, I got in bed beside Rain. She looked so peaceful. I stared at her for a minute, then her eyelids started to flutter. She opened her eyes and sat up quickly. When she realized where she was, she relaxed a little. I touched her arm and she looked at me. She hugged me tight and started crying.

"It's okay, Angel." I told her reassuringly.

"I know, it's just....I didn't know what would happen and it was so cra-" I silenced her by putting my finger over her lips. When I removed it, she kissed me. I kissed back with all I had. 'I will give up any and everything for this girl.' I thought as I kissed her.

"Rider, " she said pulling away, "Rider, I love you." She looked at me, realizing what she just said.

"I love you too, Angel. I love you more than anything else in the universe. I'm glad you feel the same." She smiled at me before kissing me again. It was a soft, gentle kiss. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She broke the kiss and yawned.

"Get some sleep, Angel." I kissed her forehead. She sighed and put her head on her shoulder.

"Night, pretty boy."

"Good night, Angel." I fell asleep not even 5 minutes after.



Rain's p.o.v.

I awoke to see Rider peacefully sleeping. His arms were wrapped around my waist and his forehead was against mine. I checked the time to see it was 6:30. I started tracing his face with my index finger. I spent extra time on his lips, carefully tracing them, not mising a line or anything. His arms tightened around me and he opened his eyes.

"What are you doing?" He sounded amused.

" see...I was...uh-" I couldn't even come up with an excuse for why I was touching his face. He just laughed and kissed my cheek.

"Good morning Angel."

"Morning, pretty boy." He gave me a fake mad look and pouted.

"Why do you call me that?" He whined like a little kid.

"Because, I think you're hot, and when I told you, you got all cocky. So that means that you're one of those pretty boys." I explained, in the same whiney voice he used. He just pouted again and got up. He walked over to his closet and pulled out a plain black tee and some black jeans. He slipped them on, along with some all black converse, then went through my bags.

"Don't go through my stuff!" I yelled at him. He ignored me and pulled out a tight fitting black tee and some black skinny jeans.

"Put these on with some all black shoes." He said and tossed me the clothes. I stripped down, then put on the clothes he gave me. When I got done, I saw him gawking at me with his mouth hanging open.

"Close your mouth, pretty boy, don't want flies, now do you?" I said, walking over to him and closing his mouth.

"B-but I-I t-thought y-you'd w-want to go in the b-bathroom to ch-change." It was soooooo cute when he stuttered.

"What happened to 'I'm never letting you out of my sight again'?" I asked, geting on my tiptoes and giving him a quick peck on the lips. Well, what was supposed to be a quick peck. Instead, it turned into a long, passionate kiss. When I pulled away, Rider's eyes were huge. Before he could say anything, I turned and walked into the bathroom. I picked up my comb and toothbrush on the way. I combed through my hair to get out any tangles, then brushed my teeth. Rider came up and hugged me from behind, resting his head on my shoulder. Then he picked me up an threw me over his shoulder. I screamed in shock, then started yelling for him to let me down. After 5 minutes of just keeping me up there while he brused his teeth, he let me down. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the room and down all 4 flights of stairs. A 5 story house. Weird, right? This place is huge. When we got downstairs, I saw everyone from the pack dressed in all black.

"What's going on?" I asked, spotting Izzy and Malcolm, also dressed in black.

"Everyone wears black the day after a battle to honor those who died." He whispered back. People died yesterday!? Because of me!? Tears pricked at my eyes, but I quickly wiped them away, hoping that Rider didn't see. He did, though.

"It's alright Angel. It wasn't your fault." I still felt guilty. If it wasn't for me, there probably wouldn't have been a battle yesterday. Izzy ran over to me and hugged me. She was babbling on and on about how she was glad I was alive and okay. Next came Jakayla, dagging Malcolm along with her. She heard that I passed out, and was glad to see I was okay. After they left, Rider took me in the kitchen. His parents where there with who I guess were their betas. Izzy told me that if the alphas leave, then the betas take over. "Hello Rider, Rain." Rider's father said, nodding at us.

"Rider, Rain, I'm so glad you guys are okay. And Rider, good job keping you and your mate safe." Rider's mom said, locking me and Rider in a tight embrace. When she let go, she was crying.

"Oh, mom." Rider seemed embarrassed again.

"It's okay Mrs. Grey. We're fine." I said, trying to comfort her.

"You're so nice! Oh, and call me Lauren sweety!" She said giving me another hug.

"Rider. Can we talk to you privately, please?" Rider's father said, seeming a little tense. Rider looked at me, then pulled me to him.

"Dad, with all do respect, I think Rain should stay with me at all times, sir." He said, bowing his head respectfully.

"No. I can go. I'll go sit with Izzy." I said quickly, not wanting to intrude or anything.

"No. I said I wasn't gonna let you out of my sight again, and I'm sticking to that." He said sternly.

"I can see that you won't go anywhere without your mate. I can respect that. Rain, you may stay." He said, nodding at me,

"Rider, Rain, take a seat. Rider, we need to discus the death toll with you." WHAT! DEATH TOLL! Oh no, I can't sit here and listen to how many people died becuse of me! I started hyperventilating. Rider tryed to calm me down by stroking my hair. After a while it worked and Rider and I sat down. Mrs. Grey brought me a glass of water. After I had drained the glass, Alpha Grey continued.

"There has only been one death............ Anthony's."

"WHAT!?" Rider said, jumping up. "No. Anthony couldn't have died. No, it's not possible." Mrs. Grey's eyes filled with tears again.

"We're sorry Rider. He fought as hard as he could." Now even Mr. Grey seemed emotional. "His funeral is next week. Lexi doesn't know yet. Also, Anthony's kids are still grieving over the loss of their father. If you could check on them in Anthony's old room, that would be helpful." Mrs. Gray was now sobbing quietly by her husband's side.

"Yes sir." Rider chocked out. Tears were now silently sliding down his face. He grabbed my hand and led us out of the room and back up the stairs. When we got in the room, he shut and locked the door before heading to his bed and completely breaking down. It hurt me seeing him in so much emotional pain. I went and sat next to him on the bed. I looked at him for a minute before speaking. "Rider," I said softly, placing my hand on his back. He looked at me with an intense sadness in his eyes. Without saying another word, I wraped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me, hugging him as tight as I could. After a minute or so, his arms wrapped around my waist, and I felt him hugging me just as tight.

"Who was Anthony?" I asked quietly. He pulled away and stayed silent for a moment, his tears still threatening to spill over.

"Anthony is... was my closest cousin, more like a brother really. He was my mom's only nephew. He has a little girl and a 2 year old son. His wife and parents died at the hands of rogues too. Me, Lexi and my parents are the only family little Annabel and Alexander have left now," he whispered. He put his head in his hands and breathed out deeply. This is all my fault. He lost a FAMILY MEMBER because I was stupid and decided that I was 'tired of orphanage life'. Lexi lost a family member, the alphas lost a family member, Rider lost a family member. I got up and ran out of the room. I kept running and I didn't stop. I ran down the stairs, out the door and into the woods. I didn't stop until I had passed the orphanage. When I'd finally stopped, all my energy was gone. I collapesed on the ground and stared at the sky. I was about to fall asleep when I heare rustling. I sat up quickly, listening intently. All of a sudden, 3 rogues in wolf form jumped out of the bushes. They srarted circling me, all looking vicious. One was even foaming at the mouth. Eww. I jumped to my feet, and got into a fighting stance. Before they could attack, Rider and Lexi ran out of the forest. Rider saw me surrounded and phased, ripping his clothes in the process. Lexi did the same, and they both lunged at the rogues. They were snarling and fighting when I felt arms grab me by the waist and start pulling me away. I turned and saw it was Leon, grinning wickedly. I started kicked and hitting trying to get away.

"RIDER!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I wanted nothing more than him to hold me and tell me everything is okay. When Rider's wolf turned and saw me struggling to get away, he lunged at Leon. Before he could get to him, a rogue jumped out of nowhere and attacked Rider. By that time, Leon had made it to a big white van (typical rapist, I know) and was trying to get me into it.

"I LOVE YOU, RIDER!!!" That was the last thing I said to him before Leon got me into the van and I was taken away.

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