REVISING AND EDITING Werewolves Aren't Real...Duh (1st book of the Brotherly Rivals series)

Hi. My name is Rain. I know... weird name right? Well, that's my name. Another interesting fact about me is that I'm an orphan. My parents got killed by a mugger when I was 2. I don't remember much about them, but I do remember my sister. She gave me to the orphanage after mom and dad died. She's probably dead. Also, I'm a cutter. I don't particularly enjoy it, but it makes me feel like... I have control. I don't have control at the orphanage. I'm just one of the 50 kids who have to live in this place. They don't give a damn about any of us. I'm turning 15 tomorrow, but they don't care. So I'm running away.
*That's what Rain thought. Little did she know her life was about to change forever.


12. Flashback

Lexi's p.o.v. 

I awoke to sunlight pouring from above. It took me a while to realize why I was sleeping in the middle of a forest. Then I remembered Rain, and how we were helping Rider find her. I looked over to where Rider was sleeping to find an empty space. I sat upright and looked around for him. He wasn't anywhere near the campsite. I was about to panic when I found a note resting on the edge of my pillow. It read: 'Hey Lexi. If you're reading this, it's morning already and you've already realized that I'm gone. Sorry I left so suddenly without telling you guys, but I've realized that this isn't your fight. I can't risk losing any of you because you guys mean too much to me. Also, I feel that Rain is my responsibility and I and I alone need to get her back. I think you guys should head back to the back house and tell mother and father what's going on. Thanks for all of you guys' help. If all goes well, Rain and I will see you soon. ~Rider~.......Just as I would expect from him. Rider never was the type of person who would take help from people if he thought something was his fault. I'm actually surprised he didn't leave sooner. I woke up everyone and told them about Rider's 'disappearance.' The only people that seemed surprised were Malcolm and Isabelle. Jake, Ella and Jakayla said that they were all expecting it. We packed up and prepared to return to camp. As we were walking, I couldn't stop thinking of Rider and Rain. If Rider blindly rushes into this, which he always does, he'll get himself and Rain killed. Leon isn't the one to aggravate. He's ruthless and doesn't show mercy. I would know, since he tried to kill me once. It was two years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.


I was sixteen and it was the day after my little sister's first birthday. I was feeding Lily mushed up carrots and laughing at her attempts to feed herself when Leon walked in with his hands behind his back. He had a look on his face that I'd never seen before. He didn't look like the happy-go-lucky Leon that I grew up with. This Leon had dull red eyes, and he looked furious. Being the naïve person I was, I thought that he was acting or playing some kind of game. That, of course, wasn't the case. "Hey Leon. What's up?" I asked him. Lily lifted her chubby little hand and waved, carrot mush covering it. Leon didn't say a word. He just stared. "Hey dude, are you okay?" I asked, getting a little concerned. He smiled a creepy smile and pulled a silver dagger with a tan handle out from behind his back. The handle was stained a red color that could only be identified as blood. My eyes got wide and I picked up Lily. "What are you doing with that? Where did you even get that?" I asked in a shaky voice, backing away from the door. When he replied, his voice wasn't the same excited voice I was used to. It was a different kind of excited. Almost in an evil way. "I found it, tested it out a bit, as you can see." He said, looking at the dagger and sliding his finger across the blade. By now, I had realized that his shirt was also covered in the same redish stuff as the dagger. "Leon, please tell me you didn't kill anyone. Tell me that this is all a prank set up by you and Rider." I pleaded, shaking with fear. Lily had realized that something was wrong by this point. She had stopped smiling and was looking at Leon with a baffled expression. "Give me the baby." Leon said in the same creepy tone. I shook my head, holding Lily tighter. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?" I asked, hysterics getting the best of me. Leon let out a loud laugh and pointed the dagger at Lily. "That's what's wrong." He sneered. He lunged out of no where and I didn't have enough time. If only I had a second longer............The dagger sliced through the air and landed upon Lily's throat. I can still here her cry out. I can still see her looking up at me as she took her last breath...and died. He tried to kill me too, but Rider (fourteen at the time,) ran in because he heard Lily cry. When he saw what had happened, he phased. You aren't supposed to phase until after you turn fifteen. I guess the shock triggered his wolf to change him early. He attacked Leon, but was stabbed in his side with the dagger. He grunted and phased back, laying there naked, his blood creating a pool around him. I screamed and rushed over to him, a lifeless baby girl in my arms. Leon blocked my path, grabbing me and pinning me against the wall. The sudden movements made me drop Lily's corpse and it hit the ground with a dull thud. Leon pressed me against the wall and pressed the dagger into my cheek. "I'm going to enjoy this." Leon whispered, before sliding the dagger down the side of my face. I winced as I felt it cut deep into my skin. He made three more cuts, taking his time with each one. He smiled that creepy smile again and pulled the dagger back. He traced an 'X' on my neck and pulled his arm back. Just before he could ram the dagger into my throat, my mom and dad walked. "Kids, how many times do we have to tell you not to fight around the baby." My father said, looking down at a book. My mother gasped when she saw what was happening. My father looked up and when he saw what was going on, his eyes widened in shock. "Help Rider." I choked out. My mother looked down and screamed at what she saw. I would too. If you walked in and saw your baby dead, your son laying in a pool of his own blood, and your other son about to strike his twin sister in the neck with a dagger, wouldn't you scream? Leon let go of me and turned to face our parents. "Hello mother, hello father." He said, his voice going back to how I remembered it to be. "Rider. RIDER!" My mother shouted, trying to get Rider to wake up. "I was just playing a little game." Leon said, smiling. My father looked at him, him eyes turning bright red. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME??!!??" My father yelled. Leon continued to smile, which only made me mad. "BASTARD!!!!" I screamed. The cuts on my face were already healing. He turned to face me, his face growing dark. "I will get you." he said evilly before pushing past my mother and father and walking out of the room. We watched from the window as he phased and ran into the woods, the dagger in his mouth. "Rider's waking up!" my mom exclaimed. 'But Lily won't' I thought. That was the last time I saw my brother.

*******************************************Present Time*********************************************** 

"Hey Lex, you alright?" Jake asked, looking at me with a worried expression. I realized that I had stopped and they were all ahead of me. "No." I said. "I'm going to help Rider whether he likes it of not. If he rushes into this, he'll get him, along with Rain, killed. Go back and get the entire pack, along with Isabelle and Malcolm's, underground." I said. Everyone thought for a moment then nodded. Ella placed a bottle in my hand and said that the potion would mask my scent. I gave them a wave goodbye and turned and headed back to the campsite. Once I past it, I broke out into a run. I have to reach Rider before he reaches Leon! If I don't, he'll be murdered! So will Rain! I almost lost Rider to Leon. That's not happening again.

Rider's p.o.v.

The sun had risen and we were walking through a field. We were sitting down because Megan demanded we rest. As I was laying on my back, thinking about Rain, I heard a beeping noise. "What is that?" I asked, pulling my self up into a sitting position. Megan pulled out her phone and pressed a few buttons. She squeaked and stood, jumping up and down. "What are you doing?" I asked, standing and stretching.  "Another Rainstorm has been uploaded. Since I sent her an e-mail, it might be an answer to my question!" She screamed "Okay, so I'm guessing this is a YouTube person or something." I asked, my ears ringing from her screams. "Yea. It's a YouTube person. I think you'll be interested in this particular person." She said, walking over to me. She showed me her phone and there it was. A picture of Rain. She clicked on the video and sat down. I sat next to her and looked at the phone. Rain was sitting in a chair with a piece of paper in her hand. She looked miserable. In the background, you could see Leon sitting on the bed. "Hey guys, it's time for another Rainstorm." She began. She went on to say how she apologized for not uploading. She talked about how change can be bad or good. Megan stayed completely silent. When the video was coming to an end, she began to sing Titanium. Her singing voice is beautiful. Afterwards, she said that she probably wasn't going to be able to upload next week. She was trying to hold back tears when she logged off. "Wow." Megan whispered. "That's it. That's the answer to my question. But she seemed so out of it." She said. "What do you mean?" I asked quietly. "Lemme show you her 14th birthday video." She replied, pulling up another video. On this one Rain acted completely different. She was in the orphanage, but she seemed more energized. She was jumping around and going on about how she had finally turned 14. She was eating ice cream and answered multiple letters with great enthusiasm. By the end of that video, I was in tears. Megan glanced at me and stood up. "Come on. Let's get going. If we leave now, we should get there by sundown in 2 days." She said, putting her phone back in her pocket and getting up. I wiped my eyes, stood, picked up my duffel bag, and followed her. We kept walking until the sun had set. We both went hunting and ate dinner. After that, we went to sleep.

Two Days Later

   "There it is..." Megan said, pointing to a house across the lake we were resting at. I jumped up and was about to enter the lake when I was pushed to the ground by a small black wolf with a white circle around it's right eye. I was about to attack, when I realized the wolf was Lexi. I pushed her off of me and stood up. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" I yelled at her. She went behind a tree and phased. She walked out fully clothed and had her duffel bag slung across her shoulder. I didn't even realize she had it. She also had an empty bottle in her hand. She had grabbed Megan by the hair, pinned her against the wall, and had a pocket knife at her throat in less than thirty seconds. "Let her go." I said, approaching Lexi carefully. Lexi looked at me skeptically, but let Megan go. Megan rubbed her head and mumbled something about, "weird WaterRush pack". I turned to Lexi and said, once again, "What are you doing here?" "I'm here to help- and don't you dare tell me that this is 'your responsibility,'" she replied. "I told you to go home." I said angrily. Now I'd have to look out for Rain and Lexi. "You were about to rush over there, weren't you?" She asked, ignoring my comment completely. "So what if I was?" I asked, getting angrier by the second. "Because I don't want to see you and Rain get KILLED!" She said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm sorry," I said, starting to feel bad. She wiped her eyes and turned to Megan. "Who are you?" She asked, the knife still held in a defensive position. "Megan of MoonShine pack." Megan replied, looking at the knife. "Why are you here? Your parents have been looking for you for two weeks, you know." Lexi replied, putting the knife away. "I was with Leon. It was a huge mistake, and I helped Rider get here." Megan said darkly. Lexi only nodded. "Rider, you have to get Rain out without getting seen. That's the only way. Leon has way to many rogues with him for you, your sister, and I to fight." Megan said, still looking suspiciously at Lexi. "I couldn't agree more. I'm sure if we could get back to the pack house and get underground, we could figure out a way to deal with Leon later." Lexi told me. I'm guessing that by know, the entire pack is underground. "Let's do it." I said. We will get you back, Angel.


******Heyo! First, sorry again for the long wait for another chapter. Second, do you guys think there should be a sequel to this. This book isn't anywhere near finished, but I already have the ending in mind and I was wondering if there should be another book. Comment and let me know!

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