REVISING AND EDITING Werewolves Aren't Real...Duh (1st book of the Brotherly Rivals series)

Hi. My name is Rain. I know... weird name right? Well, that's my name. Another interesting fact about me is that I'm an orphan. My parents got killed by a mugger when I was 2. I don't remember much about them, but I do remember my sister. She gave me to the orphanage after mom and dad died. She's probably dead. Also, I'm a cutter. I don't particularly enjoy it, but it makes me feel like... I have control. I don't have control at the orphanage. I'm just one of the 50 kids who have to live in this place. They don't give a damn about any of us. I'm turning 15 tomorrow, but they don't care. So I'm running away.
*That's what Rain thought. Little did she know her life was about to change forever.


6. Breakups and Drama

Rider's p.o.v.

I finally get the bathroom door open to see my Angel cut herself. She looked up and her eyes filled wih sorrow and guilt. Also....pain. I couldn't even think of anything to say. This time, I knew why she cut. It still didn't make it right. Tears formed in my eyes and slowly slid down my cheeks. She just looked back down at her wrist, watching it heal with ease. It still left a scar. A thin white one. She stood up and walked over to me cautiously. She put her hand on my cheek and brushed away the tears with her thumb. She looked me directly in the eyes and smiled hesitantly. She leaned in, trying to kiss me. I pushed her away and looked at her with disgust, before realizing that I made a huge mistake. She looked at me, hurt filling her beautiful eyes, before putting up her shield. After that, she showed no emotion, the unshed tears going away as quickly as they came.

"Sorry." She said in a emotionless voice. She pushed past me and walked out of the room.

'WHAT THE FREAKIN' HELL!' My wolf shouted at me. 'ARE YOU TRYING TO DRIVE HER AWAY?!?' I could hear the desperation in its voice. All it wanted was its mate. I just lost my mate. Maybe forever. I wasn't sad though. I wasn't even angry. I was numb. I just sat on the bathroom floor, listening to the coversation downstairs. Rain was telling my mom why she ran off. When she finished, I heard my mother crying and my dad promising that we'd find Leon and make him pay. I heard the front door shut and knew Rain had went outside. Still, I sat there, not moving. Millions of thoughts were running through my mind, but I couldn't comprehend any of them. Except one. I. Pushed. My. Mate. Away. I pushed my mate away. I PUSHED MY MATE AWAY!!! I sat there for what seemed like forever, but was only three hours. Then she came back. She walked in and immediatly started collecting all of her stuff. I finally broke out of my.....spell, I guess? Anyway, I asked her what she was doing and why she had all her stuff.

"Because," she said, a hard glint in her eyes, and her voice just as emotionless as it was when she left, "I'm not sharing a room with you anymore. I talked to Lexi, and she said I could room with her until they cleaned out a guest room." She turned and was walking toward the door when I called out to her,

"Don't go," I pleaded, "please, don't leave." She just kept walking and opened the door.

"At least tell me why, I need to know. Please Angel." She was almost out of my room when she stopped and turned. I saw compassion, and sadness fill her eyes for a second. Then the mask was back.

"The reason," she said, in that same monotone voice that was tearing me apart inside, "the reason, is simple. I got too close. I let my guard down. I actually thought you loved me. You don't love me. Never again. Never again will I be so foolish." She walked out of the room and shut the door, taking my last bit of strength with her. The force of what happened finally hit me. First, I was angry at Rain for not realizing why I pushed her away. Then, I was mad at myself for pushing her away in the first place. She was the love of my life! How could I do something so stupid. I ended up on my bed, crying. I kept hearing the words that broke my heart. She thought I didn't love her. I love her with all my heart! I have to tell her. Even If she doesn't care, I need to at least tell her how I feel.  When I got to Lexi's door, I heard laughter from the inside. It was Rain laughing. Lexi and Ella were telling her funny stories to cheer her up, I could hear them trying to choke out words through their laughter. I knocked on the door and it was few minutes before anyone answered. It was Lexi herself who answered. When she saw me, the smile disappeared from her face.

"Who's there?" I heard Rain call out.

"No one. dad, wanting to talk about training. Brb." Lexi responded. She motioned for me to follow her down the hall. When we got to the end of the hall, she turned around and pushed me.

"BASTARD!" She screamed, sending punches and kicks in my direction. I did nothing to block them. I deserved them.

"I know." She stopped, confused.

"I came to talk to Ra-ain." My voice broke on the last word.

"What makes you think she wants to talk to you. Last time I checked, she was hung up on you. Do you realize how much she cried over you!?!?" She was calm at first, but her voice got higher with every word.

"I KNOW I MESSED UP OKAY!! I wanna fix it, but I need to talk to her first." Lexi didn't argue, she just led me back to her room.

"Tell her to meet me in the tree house in an hour." I walked away, leaving Lexi utterly confused.



Rain's p.o.v.

When Lexi walked back in, she looked confused.

"Go to the tree house in an hour." That was all she said before grabbing Ella and pulling her out of the room. That was...weird. But I decided to go along with it, figuring nothing could make this day worse. It was 7:00, so I had until 7:20 before I had to leave. I decided to listen to my music until 7:15. Then I slipped on my red converse before heading out the door. When I I got to the tree house it was 8:00 on the dot. I had to run the last mile to make it on time. When I entered the tree house, I gasped. There were red, yellow, rose petals in a trail on the floor. It led the my card table, only it didn't look like my regular, black card table. It was draped with a beautiful lime green cover. One the table, spelled out in green and purple grapes, read:

'I'm sorry. Really. I love you. Please, please forgive me. Now, look up.' When I did, I saw Rider standing there with a bouquet of different colored roses. He was wearing some black slacks, and a white button-down shirt. He looked like he'd been crying. His eyes were puffy and red.

"So. Do you forgive me?" His voice was shaky and he looked hopeful. It was so adorable. Of course I forgave him, but I wasn't gonna let him know that. Yet.

"Maybe. You have to prove that you're really sorry and that you really do love me." He smiled, looking like he'd won the lottery or something. He is so cute. His smile is perfect. I went over to him and hugged him. He hugged me tight, and kissed the top of my head. My 'wolf' as Izzy put it, was purring in delight. I was crazy depressed without him, and having him back made me extremely happy. Then, he served us dinner. It was soooooo good. It was italian, my favorite. Afterward, we sat on the couch and watched a movie. It was a scary movie. I'm not really scared easily, but it was the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with him.

"Are you scared, or are you just trying to get closer to me. Either way though, this is fine. Very, very fine." He was looking at me suspiciously. All I did was giggle, and bury my head deeper into the crook of his neck. He just sighed and pulled me closer. We weren't even watching the movie anymore. I nipped his neck and he jumped.

"What was that for?" He asked, nuzzling my hair with his nose. I started laughing. He was about to kiss my forehead when I tilted my head upward. His lips met mine and we kissed for a moment. When he pulled away, I whimpered quietly.

"Now do you believe I love you?" His voice was filled with lust. It was so hot. I nodded and brought his lips back down to mine. He licked my bottom lip and I happily granted him entrance. My wolf was going crazy. But before we could take it any further, I heard voices outside the tree house. I pulled way and went to the door to figure out what was going on. I could tell Rider was pissed. He growled when I got up. He walked up behind me and pulled me to him all protective like. God I love him. I smelled something familiar, then realized what it was. It was Leon. My mind istantly went into hyper-drive.

"NO....NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" I was hysterical, I couldn't help it. Rider smelt him too, I could feel him tense up and hold me tighter. I relaxed a little bit, realizing that he was here to protect me. He seemed to concentrating on something.

"Rider... I'm scared." That was the truth. I was more escared than I'd ever been.

"It's okay Angel. I'll protect you." He pulled me behind him and leaned out he door of the door.

"LEON!! I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE!! I'M GOING TO RIP YOU TO PEICES FOR HURTING RAIN!" I had a feeling something was going to go terribly wrong. I grabbed onto Rider's hand and started crying. Then came the entire WaterRush pack (Rider's pack). They were all in wolf form and growling at something. Then I realized we were surrounded by rogues.

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