Life in a Disaster- Living in 2300

You think being an ordinary girl is hard? Well, think again. Sonni Sprice and Renee Linel are far from ordinary. The year 2300 is not what you like its like. Its a terrible place divided into districts and training camps. At age 4 you are sent to "Fun camp" until you're 12. Then you go to an assigned military camp. You are given a cabin with one other person. Girls separate from boys. In this case, Sonni and Renee become the bestest of friends on there experience. They figure out secrets such as Renne's attraction to water and Sonni's predictions of the future and mind reading. While trying to escape from the camp into the neighborhood village were all of the rich people who don't send there kids to camps live, they get in a bit of trouble. But not killing them and giving them one more chance, they are sent to a more stricter camp with 15 boys and 15 girls. both together. Their new cabin friends, Arnuv Chaclave and Luke Squitle, know more about them then they ever had guessed.


3. "Welcomed"

Sonni's POV


He just shoved me. No respect for women at all. Against the fence that separates the camp and the neighborhood system. Me and another girl had no idea what was happening.


"Welcome to Death Lake. This aint no fun camp. yall listening. In this camp yall gotta do what I tell ya. or else you will meet your end. Understand?"


"Yes Sherrif"  we answered.


"You two girls will be cabin inmates. But you aint gonna be friends. Only the smart ones survive."


"So your saying that most likey we are going to die?"


" Basically. This is one thing you should know. His name is sealed but is known as the rapist. He snatches innocent girls that I choose and has sex with them. I watch them and if the girl gets pregnant, she goes on the laybor system, then after she has the baby she dies."


"Wait but that's not fair. it's not like we want to get pregnant and what is the point of having a rapist?" I blurted.


"I enjoy seeing them and it's very fair. your parents sent you to this camp right?" He responded.


"YOU WHAT!!!!!????" I screamed


"What an attitude, plus its none of your business, your one step closer of me putting you in the lake."


"shut up.." The girl whispered


"Get to work. I've assigned you jobs." he stated. we both walked away and into our cabin.


"What were you doing!!" My cabin mate asked


"It's called being me." I answered


"Don't do that again. The sheriff hasn't even met you and your already causing trouble."


"Well I'm sorry. Can I get your name please?" I asked




"Sonni" We talked for a little bit then got to our jobs. Renee made some homemade potato chips and I collected milk from the cows. After a while we herd groning from beneth our cabin. We went down the stairs to see what it was. It was a women with a naked baby girl. "Can I help you?" I asked


"My name is Elizabeth, I want to live in a happy place with the rapist. Leave me alone" She definatly wasn't someone who we could trust. We let her be and continued with our day. We moved toward the water and Renee stuck her fingers into it.


"Ew That's gross!" I blurted


"It's warm" She said and shoved my hand into the water. I swirled the water around. A bone was floating by so I jolted backwards. Right in Renee's hands was a transformation of water to rock. In the rock was ingraved, "Your goals and dreams always achieve." I was fascinated ans suggested that we keep it.


"What are your goals and dreams in life?" I asked renee.


"To make this country have a better government."


I wish." I added. we continued with our daily jobs and Renee mentioned,


"I have a good idea! to show them we are worth something lets escape. Tonight."


"Tonight!? Are you nuts!!??" I replied


"Yeh the sheriff always leaves the door open."


"How do you know?" I questioned


"Well, you know how he's old, when we first came he he didn't door."


"You're brilliant! If it was unlocked then how come no one has tried to escape?"


"They have but they die and never are herd of or are to scared to even dare." She said


"Should we be scared? I mean we could die right..?" I questioned


"YOLO!" Renee whispered/said and she grabbed my hand and made a run for the gate. We didn't get to far. A bright light was shining in our faces.


"What do you think you two are doing?" A grumpy voice said.


"Um.. Sleep walking" I mentioned


"I'll give you girls another chance since your new, don't you dare do this again." He said


"Thank you" Renee and I both replied. We went back to our cabins for a good nights sleep.


"Wake up." Renee said shaking me around.


"What i'm exhausted." I said


"Let's run again. the sheriff is asleep."


"If we get caught we are going in there." I pointed toward the lake."


"no I promise you we are going to make it this time." Renee promised


"Ok fine. Help me up." She got me to her feet and we tiptoed toward the gate. Then we ran. As far as we could. "I'm tierd lets stop." I pleaded.


"No! Keep going!!" Renee said


"Im going to die!!"


"Ok fine. we are far enough." We stopped and looked around. it was dark but the street lights were the only light. There was a shadow ahead. it was a women. I could make out her face and she looked identical to Renee.


"Renee. Don't you think that women looks like you."


"What are you talking about. Your probably hallucinating."


"No really. Look" The women came closer and grabed  Renee by the arm.


"You've grown so much." the woman said


"What?" Renee said


" I'm your mother, your father's he rapist."


"How do I know?"


"Your just going to have to trust me."


"I was told by my mother to -"


"don't trust anyone. Yeh that was me." She interrupted. "One more thing, the rock. I have a copy."


"Wait. What?!"


"Come with me and i'll show you." We followed the lady into her house. We weren't sure what was going to happen. The lady sat us down and told us everything. She truly was renee's mother. she told us about how she was once a survivor of the "Death Lake" camp and moved up to the reproduction camp. She told us about her experience with the rock and that her goal was to make it though the camp and she made it. She showed us our room and left us in there to chat for a bit. The rapist walked in.


"hello child. I just want to chat. We moved closer to him and he grabbed me by the waist and pierced his fingers into my shirt causing it to shread. The pain was unbearable. My back was surly bleeding. Renee kicked him right in the balls and soon enough Renee's mother came into the room.


"Hughe!! What are you doing." The rapist name was Hughe. She took him out of the room and catered to my wound. "I hope your better now."


"I am thank you!" I replied


" My name is Athena. And you are.."


"Sonni." I couldn't help but realize that my mother had the same name. But I had 2 brothers and no sister. I figured that it was just a coincidence. Soon enough The rapist and the Sheriff walked right in.


"We will be taking you girls to a disobedient camp. Boys and girls together." the sheriff said


"Good luck girls. Remember, the rock is something special don't lose it." Athena replied. They took us in a grey van and took off.


Renee's POV


I walked into a white picket fence. I was excited and thought it would be exactly like "Fun camp". But when I walked in I was scared, Definitely. There were many kids lined up near the cows. I almost giggled because one cow was sniffing the angry man's bottom. He was assigning partners to "cabins" and I got confused. My roommate's name was  Sonni. She was sweet but had the inner rebel inside. We met the sheriff and he gave advice and information about this camp. We were given awful jobs. Sonni was given a job to clean up messes and take care of cows and I was to take care of crops. Our cabin smelled bad and it was terrible to live in. We could only find food and make it in a small kitchen that each cabin had. Good thing I took care of the crops. I found potatoes and corns and made potato thins sprinkled with herbs and spread with sour cream mixed with onions. A few days later after i got used to speaking with Sonni and we saw a women under our cabin with a baby. She kept saying "My name is Elizabeth, my baby and I want to stay in a happy place with the rapist." The rapist is this man who goes around the camp and rapes innocent women. if the woman gets pregnant, she dies. That's why there are more boys then girls in these camps. Boys are more "special" then girls. I spoke to her and she didn't seem like somebody we can trust. I was getting worried of who I could really trust. I was worried if i could even trust Sonni. I thought you can only trust your self. But one day Sonni and I were up after curfew (because Sonni forced me) we went to see the lake. We saw the bones floating and it was too gory to see. But my fascination of water i couldn't help my self. I dipped my hand in the water.


"ew!" Sonni yelled out. "that's gross!!" The water was warm. It made me feel alive and animated. "Warm water is good luck." Sonni said. We both dipped our hands in the warm water. After we jerked our hands away because a bone was floating by. Something not normal happned. The water dripping from our hands turned in to a rock, And there was something carved in it. "Your goals and dreams always achieve" I was very interested in the transformation of the water to the rock and decided to keep the rock.  "What is your dream or goals?"Sonni asked.


"To make this place have a better government like the olden days." I replied. "How about tonight lets escape. The sheriff is always up when we go asleep and leaves the doors open. Its going to be a piece of cake. The niegborhood system is weare the real government is."We ran for our lives. but we didn't get to far. A bright flashlight shone brightly in our eyes. "I will give you a second chance, girls." the disgusting 80 year old sheriff said. We walked back to our cabin but didn't go back to sleep. Renee suggested that we'd go again. Once more we ran threw the fence and actually escaped.


"We did it!" I wispeared. We walked around. it was nearing 2 oclock in the morning.


"I'm Hungry and tierd" Sonni complained.


"We will find something to eat be patient." I still had some potato chips in my pocket so I shared them with her.


"Renee, that woman looks exactly like you" Sonni whispered. A women was coming our way. the street lights were on so we could make out her face. "It looks like your mom" I told her it wasn't. But then the women came close to me and grabbed my arm. She pulled me and Sonni into her home and told me she was my mother. I was thrilled. But the rapist was my father. she had fallen in love with the rapist and had me with him. the rapist protected her and told the sheriff to keep her alive and that she was special.  When she showed me and Sonni our room the rapist walked in and tried to hurt us. He grabbed Sonni by the waist and digged his nails into her back causing her shirt to rip. Until my mother walked in causing a scene she grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room. He went back to "Death lake" and told the sheriff where we were. We were then sent to  "Disobedient camp" the sheriff was nice enough since we were still new.  this camp is where kids that werent acting docile will be sent here and given a second chance.

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