Life in a Disaster- Living in 2300

You think being an ordinary girl is hard? Well, think again. Sonni Sprice and Renee Linel are far from ordinary. The year 2300 is not what you like its like. Its a terrible place divided into districts and training camps. At age 4 you are sent to "Fun camp" until you're 12. Then you go to an assigned military camp. You are given a cabin with one other person. Girls separate from boys. In this case, Sonni and Renee become the bestest of friends on there experience. They figure out secrets such as Renne's attraction to water and Sonni's predictions of the future and mind reading. While trying to escape from the camp into the neighborhood village were all of the rich people who don't send there kids to camps live, they get in a bit of trouble. But not killing them and giving them one more chance, they are sent to a more stricter camp with 15 boys and 15 girls. both together. Their new cabin friends, Arnuv Chaclave and Luke Squitle, know more about them then they ever had guessed.


1. Sonni's POV "Intro to 2300"

Hello, i'm Sonni. Living in the year 2300. Districts, camps, killing, death lake. What is the feeling when you hear those words? Creeped out right? Welcome to my world. I live in the USA, each state divided into districts and each city  has over 50 camps and 30 neighborhood systems. Poor people like my family have to send there children at 4 years old to "Fun Camp" Don't let the name fool you, it's preparation for the "Military Camps" When your child turns 12 you send them to military camp. This camp lasts until your 16. Like me. The camp I'm in has 20 girls and 25 boys. If you disobey the Sherif, your dead. I'm being real, you're going to be dead. You either get hung, drowned or starve to death. After you die, they throw you into death lake. That's what this camp is known for. Only a few people from "Death Lake" survive and move up to the "Reproduction Camp" When they turn 25. There the torture stops. You are a grown adult and ready to have children. You don't pick your husband. They assign you to someone whether you like them or not. My parents didn't like each other. but they were forced to have me. They didn't want me. When my mother died from being murdered, my dad sent me to the "Fun Camp" I was only 2 so they put me in a special room for unwanted kids. I always grew up reading people's minds and predicting things that always came true. It's something special and everyone's special in their own way.

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