Life in a Disaster- Living in 2300

You think being an ordinary girl is hard? Well, think again. Sonni Sprice and Renee Linel are far from ordinary. The year 2300 is not what you like its like. Its a terrible place divided into districts and training camps. At age 4 you are sent to "Fun camp" until you're 12. Then you go to an assigned military camp. You are given a cabin with one other person. Girls separate from boys. In this case, Sonni and Renee become the bestest of friends on there experience. They figure out secrets such as Renne's attraction to water and Sonni's predictions of the future and mind reading. While trying to escape from the camp into the neighborhood village were all of the rich people who don't send there kids to camps live, they get in a bit of trouble. But not killing them and giving them one more chance, they are sent to a more stricter camp with 15 boys and 15 girls. both together. Their new cabin friends, Arnuv Chaclave and Luke Squitle, know more about them then they ever had guessed.


2. Renee's POV "Intro to 2300"

Hi I am Renee. Living in the year 2300.  My parents love me but they didn't have  enough money to keep me out of the camps and live in the neighborhood system. So they sent me to fun camp. They kept telling me to keep out of danger I told them that nothing is going to happen to me because fun camp is fun! But when my parents left me on my own feet I realized what they meant about danger.. Everybody was cruel. I knew there was nobody to trust. My parents left me on my own at a young age so i never knew where my parents went. I never saw the outside of the camps. I thought it would be scary but many people say that the neighborhood systems are the most beautiful safe places there ever been. I got eager. I wanted to conquer these stupid camps and make them a better place for children and adults. So let me tell you more about me. I am a curious girl that loves horses and adventures. If somebody stopped me from doing something I will still do it. I am fascinated with water. If it is dirty water I will touch it. If it clean water I will touch it. if it is cold water I will touch it. If it is warm water I will touch it. Any water i will touch it. I never knew why. But I somehow controlled water. I am a big nerd. I can be very dramatic. and at this time i am very dramatic because a boy I met in fun camp I fell in love. Even though I was just eleven I still loved him. But, he was sentenced to his death because of the religious chimes. The religious chimes were chimes that gave certain tones of each and every camper. When the chimes do that certain tone of the camper they had to die because that is a symbolic way to say that god wants the camper. so apparently when we reached the military camp he got hanged in the boys camp. One camper that snuck to the boys camp heard that he got hung from the religious chimes. I was devastated but I moved on. Well now I have to continue with my horrible life but one thing I promised myself was that I would never ever, ever meet new men. And now I have to go through the worst adventures of my life and deal with it.

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