Life in a Disaster- Living in 2300

You think being an ordinary girl is hard? Well, think again. Sonni Sprice and Renee Linel are far from ordinary. The year 2300 is not what you like its like. Its a terrible place divided into districts and training camps. At age 4 you are sent to "Fun camp" until you're 12. Then you go to an assigned military camp. You are given a cabin with one other person. Girls separate from boys. In this case, Sonni and Renee become the bestest of friends on there experience. They figure out secrets such as Renne's attraction to water and Sonni's predictions of the future and mind reading. While trying to escape from the camp into the neighborhood village were all of the rich people who don't send there kids to camps live, they get in a bit of trouble. But not killing them and giving them one more chance, they are sent to a more stricter camp with 15 boys and 15 girls. both together. Their new cabin friends, Arnuv Chaclave and Luke Squitle, know more about them then they ever had guessed.


4. Different perspectives

Sonni's POV


It was nearing 7am and I was pooped out.


"Sit here and wait till my daughter teaches you about this camp." The sheriff said.


"He's one crotchety old man" I mumbled to myself. He left and a nice looking lady walked in.


"Hello there! I'm Beatrice, your new sheriff. But you can call me Bea. First off what are your names?"


"I'm Renee."


"I'm Sonni"


"Nice to meet you. So happy to have you two earthings in my camp. This camp aint terrible like my father says. It's actually quite fun. We have a camp dance and you don't to physical labor. Its ok if you get pregnant, I keep it a secret. But I wrater you no get preggers, ok, so don't get all yeayyy time to have sex cause that's not what we're aiming for. In this Camp you work out. Make your muscles tight and grow six packs."


"I've always wanted a six pack." I blurted in.


"Well now is your time to shine. I want you to meet your new cabin immates. LUKE!! ARNUV!!! Come and meet your new friends." The boys came over and couldn't help but notice that Luke was beautiful. His hair, eyes, muscles... I snapped out of it and shook their hands. They introduced themselves and went back to work. "Four to a cabin. We try to get four girls together and four boys but in your case two boys and two girls. This is why girls get pregnant all of the time. You will also be getting horses. You can pick and name them yourselves. I picked a beautiful chocolate brown with white spots male and named him Peanut. Renee picked a white female horse and named it Athena. After her mother's name. Beatrice left and we started to work out. It was so obvious that Arnuv liked Renee. He kept staring at her and checking her out every five seconds. Beatriz announced that the camp was hosting a "Camp Dance" Arnuv was sooo going to ask Renee out. Even if he didn't like her. All four of us were up after curfew, talking about our lives and the camp. We decided to have a little campfire and roast some marshmellows to make smores with.

"I'm going to sleep" Renee said

"Wait no your going to miss the smores" I added

"I don't care! I'm tierd." She moaned

"Suit yourself!" Luke mentioned. Renee looked up and gave him the death stare. We ran out of grahm crackers so Luke went to go get some more. Me and Arnuv were all alone. It was the perfect time to ask him if he liked Renee.

"Soooo...." he said trying to break the akward silence.

" Renee likes you" I blurted without thinking and covered my own mouth.

" What?" he said

"Nothing" I replied

"What did you say.."

"Nevermind" I continued

"Renee likes me..?"

"Well... hmmm...see look...errr... I want you to ask her to the dance."

"Well, I don't like Renee."


"Whats in it for me?" He asked

"I'll Tell you a secret." Upt I'm screwed I said to myself.

"Tell me the secret and i'll ask her out, deal?"

"Deal" What secret was I going to tell? I couldn't tell the rock's secret. But it was the only secret I knew. I didn't want to lie to Arnuv..

"So whats the secret?"

"While me and Renee were in "Death lake" We touched the water-"

"Ewwwwwww" Arnuv said almost yelling

"Ehem.. When we touched the water it formed a rock with words ingraved in it."

"Do you still have the rock?"

"Of course!"

"Can I see it?" He asked

"Maybe another time, Luke is coming back."

"Hey Sonni!! I need your help a second." Luke called out

" Sure thing! Be right there!" I jogged to Luke and he said,

"I don't really need your help, I want to ask you something." He said

"What is it?" OMG I'm being asked to the dance!

"What graham cracker should I get? Whole Wheat or Honey?

"Umm Honey.." I was disappointed. I was never going to be asked to the dance.

"Wait and one more thing.." He added


"Will you go to the dance with me..? He asked nervously

"Of course!!" I hugged him but I really wanted to kiss him. We walked back to our cabin, I hid the rock and we went to sleep. I woke up really early the next morning to check on the rock. It wasn't there!!

"Renee! Renee!" I shook her and yelled in her ear.

"What??" She responded annoyed. "It's 6:00, be quiet you are going to wake everyone."

"The rock!! The rock!! It's gone!"

"What! It must be on the boys side, I see a rock that looks like it. Lets go." She said  but immediately stepped out of the boys area. "Eww Drugs.."

"C'mon! I'm going to go." I'm especialy attracted to lilys. Lilys were lined up against the fence and I couldn't help but sniff them.

"NOOOO SONNI!!!" Renee yelled. That was the last thing I heard before I blanked out. It was as if I was dead. I woke up the next day sweaty and tired.

"What happened?" I asked Renee She explained everything. The sherriff had sex with me. I understood why Renee hadn't protected me. Its better one person than two. After she told me she had changed the subject immediately. "Isn't akward that our mothers have the same names?" I asked

"Yeh but your mother left you and died." Renee mentioned. That pissed me off. My mother loved me.



Renee's POV

I was annoyed to death but this place is better. Sonni kept saying Arnuv like me. Ugh. I mean he was attractive. But I still love that boy and that wont stop me. So there is this "camp dance" and there are a lot of people in this camp and I don't know who is going to ask me. Well, whatever. Good thing we still have the rock it will lead us to my goal of making this place a better place. We got to choose adorable horses. There was this ivory white horse with gleaming eyes resting on the floor. The horse was beautiful. I picked that horse. I named her after my mother, Athena. I knew my mother loved me a lot and I actually got to see her in a long time but that stupid darn ol' sherif took her away from me. If I name this horse Athena I have an excuse to say my mother's name over and over again. I was petting Athena so lightly because she was fragile. Athena was one i could trust. Something that I could tell everything to and she wont be able to tell others. After i got Athena all I could do was talk about Athena. Arnuv and Luke planned a camp out but i refused to go so I stayed in my room and slept. It was a few days before the dance and I knew that the campfire was an excuse for Luke to ask Sonni to go to the dance. I wonder if Arnuv was going to ask me? But whatever that is the last thing I would say yes to if he did ask me. Sonni told me to put the rock in a safe place but it was gone the next day.

   "I have to go on the boy's changing side to find it."  i say

   " If you find it pass it over to me." Sonni responds

I quickly stepped out of the boys side in disgust. It smelled like drugs and I hate the smell of drugs. We went to go give our horses a walk but Sonni as eager to go in the boy's changing side.

    "C'mon can i go? Why Y'all scared I will get in trouble?" she says

    " DON'T GO SONNI" I yell

she steps in the boys side while i was groaning and she was smelling the flowers. Leaving her to get drowsy and drunk I kept yelling in her ear she was smelling drugs. But she fell a sleepp and I thought i should go to sleep too because it was almost night. I couldn't sleep so I woke up. I saw that nasty ol' sheriff smooching with Sonni while she was unconscious  from the drugs. I thought he noticed me so I just faked slept because i was disturbed to death and I didn't want look at what he was doing to her. I just dreamt. But I wonder what happened at that campout? The next day I told Sonni what the nasty ol' sheriff did to her. she got furious. But we changed the subject and we started talking about Sonni's mother.

  "It is awkward how our mother has the same name." SOnni says

  "Yeah but that doesn't count because your mother just left you and died." I say

  "Oh um yeah...I guess" she says

  "Hey um Renee..I um want to go to the dance with you and i really like you and u will ya..oh yeah go to the dance with me?" Arnuv says

I can't believe he was asking me but gross..I don't like him. 

  "Sure but can we go as friends? I will just sit in the side." i said

  " Sure..." he says

  "Yes I don't get to dance with her!" he whispers to himself while I can't hear




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