That girl

Isabella Duncan is an average bad girl. Or that's what she thinks. When she gets invited to a party by here crush will she get
Him or
Someone else.


1. Unexpected visitors

Isabella's pov: 
I managed to pull myself threw my small window. I was sneaking out to go to a college party. I got invited by James, my life long crush.
I have known him since preschool, he was best friends with my brother until my brother was killed instantly in a car crash. 
I have loved him since I met him. What am I thinking, he would never date a girl like me. 
He's all goody two shoes, where as I am the bad girl who gets in trouble all the time. He's popular, where as I am the girl with only to friends Jade and Ava.
I'm really not that attractive either. Or at least not to him. 
I have long blonde hair that is dip dyed purple at the ends. I'm tall and really skinny. I have very blue eyes that change colors so that you can tell when I'm angry, sad, excited, or normal.
I was in a unbuttoned purple and white long sleeves shirt with a white miss me shirt, with white converses.
I ran down the street, to find Ava's car parked right where it was suppose to be.
I hopped in and smirk at Ava's outfit. She was wearing a short dress that came to her upper thigh, that was really tight with sparkles at the top. 
"You look.. Um, cute." I said giggling.
Surer ." She said annoyed and sped away.
I jacked up the radio.
Kiss you by One Direction came on. 
I went to change it, but instead got a slap by Ava.
Of course, they were supposed to be her role models, but they were just another gay moment to happen.
We pulled up to Gavin's house, where the party was being held. We both stepped out of the car. 
I walked to the kitchen were beer was being served as soon as I got in.
When I walked in nobody was in there except 3 boys staring at me as I poured me a glass of bud wiser. 
I look over at them and raised my eyebrows. They turned there heads and walked over to them. 
They looked very familiar. 
"Hey, umm.. So do I know you from somewhere?"  I asked. 
" Probably, we are from-" 
"ONE DIRECTION!!!" Ava ran in screaming, cutting the guy with the swerve of blonde on his head off. 
I just snickered, rolled my eyes, and walked out like I had seen nothing. 
Soon enough everyone was back from the kitchen, from talking to those boys. 
I saw a blonde dude, a guy from one direction, walk out of the kitchen with Ava. I guess tonight was her lucky night. 
I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a guy who was about 5-7, with curly hair and a big smirk plaster across his face.
'May I help you?'I asked with my eyebrows raised. 
'Hello'He said with a British accent. 
' May I ask who are you, and where do you come from?'  I smiled. 
'I'm  Harry,Harry Styles and I'm from one direction' 
Oh lord help me.
'umm, I was sorta referring to your voice, like where do you come from, but now I know enough thanks.' 
I turned around a continued dancing. Again I felt another tap. 

It was him again.

'Again, can I help you?' I said annoyed.

'Yess, would you dance with me?' He asked.

'Umm, let me think about it... No!' I snapped. I was being a bitch but I don't care almost as much as I don't care about one direction.

'Pleaseeee' he begged. 

He was really annoying, and Ava tells me he's her favorite, it anything he's not even close to being a like to me.

I rolled my eyes. 

'One dance, one dance is all you can have' I said. 

He starting jumping and he grabbed my hand. 

The song stole my heart just had to come on. But I danced anyways.

He grabbed me by my hips and brung them closer to his crouch.

I spun around, getting uncomfortable  and looked him in the eyes.

They were really green. I smiled at him as he made a funny face. He was okay I guess, in looks.

As I was examining his face, someone bumped into me. It was James.

We both turned around at the same time. And smiled at each other.

I wondered if he knew how I felt. 

I hugged him and a brown headed girl with a dress that looked like a dress that came out of the lingerie department. And makeup where it looked like a bomb exploded on her face.

' Isabella, meet Jasmine, my girlfriend.'

It took me a minute to realize what he said. 

My heart broke into a million pieces.   

'Isabella! Isabella?' 

'Huh, oh, umm nice to meet you.' I said sweetly. 

All of the sudden anger built up in me. I looked at her like she was trash, oh yeah that's right she is.

'So who is this?' James asked me. 

I needed to say something to make it seem like I didn't care that he had a girlfriend but truth is I do.

'Umm, actually this is my boyfriend. Harry styles.' I said. 

Harry's eyes got all big and Then a smirk appeared. I knew he was going to pull something. 

'Wow, go Isabella' jasmine said. 

James just smiled. 

Harry  slid his hands around my waist and held me tight. 

I smiled but deep inside I was vomiting. 

'I umm, have to go, bye' I said.

Both if them smiled and I ran out of there. 

Harry followed. Can he just leave me alone?

'Isabella! Isabella!' He yelled. 

I just ran down the street, I was just going to walk home. 

He caught up with me. 

'Hey, what was that about?' He said.

'Umm, nothing and for the record I don't like you, I never did and never will! I barked.

'Harsh!' He said

'Anyways why are you all over me?' I asked. 

'Cuz I like you, and was wondering if I could have your number?' 

'Umm again, let me think about it... No!' 
I sped up.

'Whatever.' He said and walked away. I knew he wasn't going to give up. He was going to find a way to get to me. I don't care.

I arrived at my house and jumped back into my window. I took a quick shower and got into the bed.

I checked my phone and had a new message from Ava and jade. And a message from an unknown number. 

Wonder who that could be? I thought 

Hello lovies! It's McKenzie:) if you think I can do anything to make this better please tell me, please message me cuz I love making new friends! Love you guys!xx

Miss Mckenzie:) pageant queen 





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