That girl

Isabella Duncan is an average bad girl. Or that's what she thinks. When she gets invited to a party by here crush will she get
Him or
Someone else.


2. The note

Isabella's pov:

I slowly clicked on the message. 

(U:unknown. I:Isabella)

U:Hello, love!

british slang....

I:Who is this?


What is up with the explination points.

I:Umm, Hunter.... From the party?

U:It's Harry,babe.

I: Please don't call me "babe" or "love".

H:Okay, Hun!

He is so annoying!!!!

I: Whatever, how did you get my number?

H: Your friend, Ava

I: I knew it. 

H:So what are you doing this weekend, love?

I:Again with the nicknames,aye. And something that won't include you.

H:Fiesty one aren't we? Well I was wondering if you would want to catch a movie with me tomorrow night?

I didn't have anything planned but I still didn't want to go out with some freakish popstar that could have anyone in the world besides me. So I decided not to text back.


Slowly but surely, I drifted off to sleep, hearing my phone buzz as I closed my eyes.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock playing Chloe by emblem3 my favorite band of all time. I hit the button to turn it off and roll up out of my bed. I walked downstairs to find the house qquiet and empty. I read the time 11:23. Wow, they should be up by now I thought referring to my brother and parents. I saw a nnote on the counter. 

Dear Isabella,

We are taking a trip to Africa for your dads job. We will be gone for about a month and if you have any problems call your aunt bea. We love you dearly!

take care,

Your family 

ps. We know you snuck out last night.


Wow! They left me here. What kind of family are they, leaving me home all alone. But on the bright side I get to have a par-tay!!



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