That girl

Isabella Duncan is an average bad girl. Or that's what she thinks. When she gets invited to a party by here crush will she get
Him or
Someone else.


3. Memories

Isabella's Pov:

I walked back upstairs to take a nice hot shower.

I took my phone into the restroom and turned on Justin timberlake's mirrors.

I jumped behind the shower curtain and let the hot water run down my body. 

I washed my hair and rinsed my body. I took the towel off the towel rack and wrapped it around me. 

I walked in front of my bathroom mirror and dropped my towel.

I ran my finger across my scar. It ran up from my belly button to my breasts.

I felt my eyes tear up at the memories. 

He done it. The one that I'd loved. 

The flashback ran threw my body, the way he jumped on me and slid the knife down  my stomach.

Lance had done it. I was so depressed about my brothers death. I wouldn't come out of my room.

Lance my boyfriend at the time got madder and madder the longer I stayed in my room and would not spend time with him. 

Finally he lost it and burst threw my door that I had my dresser and stuff on, to keep everyone out. 

He came to me asked me if I cared more about him or my dead brother.

I lost it that time. And jumped on top of him kicking and punching and screaming he's not dead. 

He picked me up by my neck and slung me across the room, I hit the wall and fell,  hurt.

"You don't talk to me like that bitch, he's dead gone and if he cared about you he would still be here now wouldn't he." He yelled. 

"It wasn't his fault, he was in a car reck you dick!" I yelled back and realised what I had just said. I regretted it.

He turned around going to the door and pulled something out of his pocket and turned around and jumped on me.

He took the knife,  holding my mouth shut and slid it down my stomach.

I screamed in pain and blacked out. 

That's all I remember other than waking up in the hospital.

I knew he was somewhere out there in this world. I wish I would have met him, and do you know where I met him? 

The club.





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