Standard Oil

This book describes standard oil. It talks about how it gets founded from Rockefeller point of view and then to the end when the USA splits it up. Though that's not it we will also talk about how peoples lives were effected and how it was to work for standard oil.


2. young John D. Rockefeller

John Rockeffeller was born in 1839 in new york and was the second of six children. His father William Avery Rockefeller, first a lumberman, then a traveling salesman--billed himself as a “botanic physician” and sold elixirs. his farther was known as "Devil Bill". his farther moved from place to place and rarely visited home. 

Eliza or his mother was managing the house and was a very big Baptist. she struggled to keep the house stable since her husband was rarley at home. She also put up with her husband having sex (sorry for the language) with many men and his double life, which included having weddings with other ladys. she always taught john that "willful waste makes woeful want" which meant that if you just throw your money away, you'd will be in need later.

young John earned extra money by raising turkeys, selling potatoes and candy and eventually lending small sums of money to neighbors. this taught him many important skills that he would need in the future. he followed his dad advice to "trade dishes for platters" which meant he had to go for it and take the chance. 

in 1853 he loved to Strongsville, Ohio. He attended Cleveland's Central High School and then took a ten-week business course as he was a teen. 

Despite his father rarely coming and doing many bad things people described him as a "well-behaved, serious and studious boy."


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