Standard Oil

This book describes standard oil. It talks about how it gets founded from Rockefeller point of view and then to the end when the USA splits it up. Though that's not it we will also talk about how peoples lives were effected and how it was to work for standard oil.


3. Rockeffeler jobs before oil

In 1855 when he was 16 years old, John D. Rockefeller went looking for his first full time job. his talent and urge was to become a bookkeeper. Though most people did not want a 16 year old even touching their books. Every morning for six weeks he would take his best suit and get interveiwed but was rejected. “I was working every every day at my business,” said Rockefeller. he worked from 6:30 AM and often stayed at the office long after it closed. At first he was making about 50 cents a day and then after three years with Hewitt and Tuttle Rockefeller’s wages had been raised to $50 a month, and he had already saved up an $800 dollar. Then John decided to leave and would never work for a paycheck again. 

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