naruto top mission

many of us love and watch Naruto, so if you do read my story. in this story Naruto will be assigned a mission by the Hokage to hunt down a treasure. Though the treasure is the power to have knowledge jujitsu and live forever and to become the most power full shinobi in the world. Naruto, Sasuke, and sakura will have to find the treasure and destroy it before it is captured in the wrong hands.


2. The misssion

After he found all the members of team Kakashi and then returned to Tsunade. Then Tsunade told them a story, During the 1st Ninja war the kages came together and had a meeting knowing that the war could no longer continued and if they did it would turn out that there countries would be turned to ash and nobody could win this pointless war. This meeting turned bad when the kages had a big argument and they ended out almost killing each other. One year later more cities were destroyed and more villiagers and ninjas were killed then all other years because of their strategy of pushing many ninjas fward to the front line without any care if there own ninjas would die, the kages then knew for sure they had to end the war. the kages made a plan to seal away 80% of all ninjas chakara and jutsus (this included the kages). The Kages agreed and ended with an armistice treaty. Though the effect of taking chakara did not last long and all ninjas had there strength back and started a new war about who would get the scroll. This war did not last long and ended by another agreement to bury it in a secret location of which only the kages knew and the ninjas burring the scroll in a libary that would be sunk into the dirt. After the mission the Ninjas would be killed and after all the kages died nobody knew were this scroll was.


Though we got a message from the Land of Wind that a huge libary came up from the earth. "And you think that this is the libary with the scroll?" asked sakura. Yes i think it is, so i am assighning you guys to the  mission to team up with the land of Wind to find this scroll and destroy it before someone else hears the news and decides to go. "YAY WE GET A SEMI HARD MISSION" said naruto exited for a tough mission. This will me one of the few times you will go on a mission without Kakashi, and without any other team. the only reason is because everyone is busy of a mission already.


Team kakashi i assign you to go to the land of wind and find the Libary with the sand village and destroy the scroll.

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