naruto top mission

many of us love and watch Naruto, so if you do read my story. in this story Naruto will be assigned a mission by the Hokage to hunt down a treasure. Though the treasure is the power to have knowledge jujitsu and live forever and to become the most power full shinobi in the world. Naruto, Sasuke, and sakura will have to find the treasure and destroy it before it is captured in the wrong hands.


1. The day of being assigned

It was an normal morning for Naruto, wake up, eat ramen and then walk around the city. While he was walking around he decided to walk by the hokages home, their she told him that his team has a mission so in one hour he had to gather his team and to meet at her office. Naruto was very exited at first but tried to act cool and did not say thankyou a million times or make her give him the highest ranked mission since he has matured, he said yes mem and went to find his team including kakashi.
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