Sorry Doesn't Cut It

Hi! This is my first movella so...hope you enjoy!

All Skylar and Roxanne wanted was to fit in, maybe even be a pop.(Popular) But of course, it was impossible. They were outsiders, nerds, and worst of all...they were being constantly bullied by Louis Tomlinson and his friends. What happens though, when they learn something? Something they were never supposed to know, a secret that wasn't ment for their ears, a secret that brought Skylar, Roxanne, and the boys together. Most importantly...who will fall for who?


6. Truly, Madly, Deeply

   "Louis? What are you doing here?" Niall curiously asked Louis.

  "Well," Louis angrily started, "It's a Monday."

  "And?" Niall asked, clearly annoyed.

  "And?!?! You were supposed to meet up at my house for the meeting an hour ago! All the other lads left already! Oh yeah, and as if that wasn't bad enough, you're hanging out with that piece of garbage!" Louis yelled pointing a shaking finger at me.

  "She is NOT a piece of garbage!" Niall defended.

  "Well then, she might as well be! She never talks like a piece of garbage, she acts like a piece of garbage, and she even looks like a piece of garbage!" Louis screamed. What he said about me pierced my heart, and left a scar. A deep scar that left me truly, madly, deeply.

  "Take-that-back." Niall said through his teeth with a clenched jaw.

  "What if I don't want to?" sassed Louis.

  "Then, I'll just do this," Niall said pouncing on Louis with so much force, I could've sworn if Louis wasn't so tough, he would've died on impact.

  "Stop," I whispered with tears in my eyes. That one word had so much power coming out of my mouth...that they both stopped fighting and stared at me. Niall pushed himself off of Louis, and walked over to me wrapping me in a hug. (A Horan Hug) I loved his hugs, they comforted me, and made me feel like I was worth something. It was hard to believe that this was the same guy who just last week was helping bully me.

  "Niall, can I talk to you in private?" asked Louis. I gave Niall a worried look, but he just flashed me back a reassuring smile.

  "Sure," Niall grumbled getting up. The two boys walked away into Niall's bedroom and shut the door. I just sat there staring at the door wondering why Louis was so enraged a while ago. I let out a sigh, and closed my eyes falling into a deep sleep.


 Authors Note- Hey guys, I havent been getting any comments or favorites lately and was wondering if you guys wanted me to keep wrighting. If i can get at least 5 likes in the next month I'll finish this story, and if i dont then Im going to start a new fanfiction. Thanks for reading!



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