Sorry Doesn't Cut It

Hi! This is my first movella so...hope you enjoy!

All Skylar and Roxanne wanted was to fit in, maybe even be a pop.(Popular) But of course, it was impossible. They were outsiders, nerds, and worst of all...they were being constantly bullied by Louis Tomlinson and his friends. What happens though, when they learn something? Something they were never supposed to know, a secret that wasn't ment for their ears, a secret that brought Skylar, Roxanne, and the boys together. Most importantly...who will fall for who?


5. Kiss You

   "No! Niall don't!" I laughed as Niall smeared whipped cream all over my face. Then put a cherry on top of my head.

  "There! My masterpiece is complete!" he laughed. I laughed along with him, and stuck my hand in the huge icecream bucket, and threw a handful on his shirt, then smeared what was left in my hands on his face. Then put a little bit of chocolate syrup on his head. He looked hilarious.

   "Haha, gotcha'!" I teased him. He took a step towards me, and gave me a mischievious grin.

   "You look like you could use a hug," Niall said taking another step towards me.

   "No Niall! You're covered in icecream!" I begged.

   "Awwww, come here," Niall said wrapping me in a messy Horan Hug. I tried getting out of his incredibly strong grip, but he was really strong. While trying to squirm out of his grip, I stepped on a puddle of water, making me fall to the ground. Since Niall's grip was so tight on me, he fell to the ground with me, and somehow I ended up on top of him. We stared into each other's eyes for a while, and suddenly Niall brushed his lips across mine. It wasn't a kiss, but it felt nice.

   Then, Niall asked me, "Can I kiss you?"

   I was taken by surprise at his question, so all I did was silently nod my head and smile. He leaned in, and kissed me. It wasn't very long, it was maybe ten seconds at longest, but it felt...great, perfect,lovely. I wouldn't say sparks flew, or any of that stuff, that would be exagerating. But, it did feel perfect, I could feel my heart hammering in my chest. I stared at him for a while longer, until I heard a voice behind us clear his throat.

   I turned around, only to see an enraged Louis.

                                                      Author's Note: Heyyy guys. Sorry this chapter is kinda' short. Anyway, you know the drill, like, comment, maybe even fav. Thanks for reading! :)

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