Sorry Doesn't Cut It

Hi! This is my first movella so...hope you enjoy!

All Skylar and Roxanne wanted was to fit in, maybe even be a pop.(Popular) But of course, it was impossible. They were outsiders, nerds, and worst of all...they were being constantly bullied by Louis Tomlinson and his friends. What happens though, when they learn something? Something they were never supposed to know, a secret that wasn't ment for their ears, a secret that brought Skylar, Roxanne, and the boys together. Most importantly...who will fall for who?


4. Forever?

   Niall carried me to his car, and gave me a huge Horan Hug. As Niall pulled away, and sat me in the passanger's seat, he stared into my eyes with a weird smile. "I got you to talk to me!" he grinned happily. I rolled my eyes, and turned on the radio. "Come onnnn, don't stop talking again! I just got you to start," Niall whinned.

   I just stared at him directly in the eyes, and said,"Okay, but just because I'm talking to you doesn't mean I'm talking to your little friends."

   "Fine...Oh yeah, about the beanie thing. Why do you care so much about it?" he asked me.

   "Because..." I said tears starting to form in my eyes. "My grandmother knitted it for me. She died years ago...but it's the last thing she gave me. She told me as long as I had the beanie in my reach...I had her."

   Niall didn't speak after that. He could tell that I didn't want to talk about it, so he drove the final three minutes to his flat in silence. Wait...his flat. That means I won't be at my flat. Not that mum would care...she never really does.

   "Niall, can I stay here for a while?" I asked him. I don't know why I asked him. The words just kind of came out of my mouth. I guess I liked his company. He can fill the empty spaces that Roxy left.
   "How long is a while?" he asked me.

   "I don't know...whenever you get sick of me I guess." I said.

   "Haha," Niall laughed. He looked adorable when he laughed. "Then I guess you'll be staying here forever."

   "Forever?" I asked him.

   "Yep, I could never get tired of you Sky." he admitted, staring at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

   "You know...forever is a really long time," I said.

   "Exactly," he replied with his beautiful smile.

                Author's Note: Heyyy guys! I haven't gotten any comments yet so PWEASE leave comments! Or at least like if you want me to continue. Thanks, all of my fans are awesome! (that is if I have any haha)




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