Sorry Doesn't Cut It

Hi! This is my first movella so...hope you enjoy!

All Skylar and Roxanne wanted was to fit in, maybe even be a pop.(Popular) But of course, it was impossible. They were outsiders, nerds, and worst of all...they were being constantly bullied by Louis Tomlinson and his friends. What happens though, when they learn something? Something they were never supposed to know, a secret that wasn't ment for their ears, a secret that brought Skylar, Roxanne, and the boys together. Most importantly...who will fall for who?


2. A New Friend

   I walk home drenched in my own sadness, and tears that Louis somehow got my beanie . I know I needed to get it back, but I'm just too cowardly. I have two days to think this over until Monday, when I see him again. It's okay though, I guess. I finally got to my run down flat, and opened the door. (I never remember to lock it)

   I stepped inside, and walked over to my room.I flung open the door and sat on my bed, pulling out my phone. I see one new text message, and open it.

   1 New Message!

   FoxyRoxy: Sky, r u ok? I'm sorry for abandoning u with those bullies! Please answer!!!

    I decide to text her back, so she doesn't have a heart attack.

   Me: Roxy, calm down. I'm fine, just upset that Louis stole my beanie.:(

    She immediately texted back, saying:

    FoxyRoxy: OMG! That was like ur favorite one. But anyway G2G, i have chores to do. TTYL, ILY <3

   Me:ILY2 <3

     I flopped down on my bed, and thought about Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. I hated them, they were horrible, no good bullies. I lay down, close my eyes, and start to drift off to a deep sleep.


                                                                           Monday Morning

   I still haven'y gotten my beanie back yet, and here I am at school, staring at the five boys who make my life miserable. That's when I see Louis look up, and he catches my gaze. This is my chance, so I cautiously make my way towards him and his friends. By the time I'm standing in front of him, he's already smirking at me.

   "What do you want?" Louis smirks at me.

   I don't talk to people, like I said before, so I just point at the top of my head where my orange beanie usually sits atop my dark brown hair.

   "I'm sorry...are you talking about this?" Louis asked pulling out my orange beanie. I looked at it with my mouth gaping open. I reached for it, but he kept pulling the beanie out of reach. Then, he threw the beanie into a random guy's hands, and it turned into monkey in the middle. That is...until the random guy threw my beanie right into the trash can next to the double doors of the school.

   Everyone burst into laughter when I literaly sprinted to the trash can. I had to fish around the garbage until I finally found the orange beanie covered in disgusting stains, with a horrible smell that made you want to gag. At that point, my face was already soaked in tears as people called me mean names like "garbage girl".

   Finally, I had enough of this tormenting and ran down the hallway at school, and right into the girl's bathroom. I locked myself in one of the stalls, and cried my eyes out. Then, I heard a knock on my was Niall?!?! I opened my stall in anger and confusion, and gave him a look as if saying,"What the heck do you want Horan?" He seemed to understand what I was saying, but all he did instead was pull me into a huge hug, a Horan Hug. Instead of pulling away, I just silently cried into his shoulder.

   He didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that I was getting his shirt wet, and covered in mascara stains. I sniffled, then pulled away. I gave him a nod of thanks, and tried to leave the bathroom.

   "Wait," Niall called."Why don't you ever talk?" he asked me.

   I wasn't sure how to answer the question he gave me, so all I did was give him a small smile, and rushed out of the bathroom. I could hear his faint call behind me saying, "If you ever need a friend to talk to...I'm here!"


   Author's Note: Hey guuuyyys! Leave comments, and favorite and all that stuff. I know I said I wouldn't write if I didn't get comments, but I had to give in since only 9 people have read this and I have 0 comments.:( It's okay though! If you're a fan leave comments and I'll post more chapters! Bye!




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