Its about a girl named Kara who has had a bad past with a boy and runs away from him only to fall into another's arms, his name was Louis. she fell for another boy but could never fully get over Louis until they finally together.


2. The Day We Met


"Hey, babe, are you okay?" He said in a sweet worried voice.

"Yes I'm..uh-umm fine" I stuttered out shaking and shivering. 

"Why do you have bruises everywhere?" He asked again sounding even more worried. I turned to see him. I never thought I would see him before it was none other the Louis Tomlinson from one direction. 

"I'm fine." I snapped I was getting a little annoyed so I stood up only to fall back down. I felt a strong pair of arms, which I assumed were louis grab my waist before I hit the ground and he picked me up.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked 

"In taking you home. Where do you live?" He asked, What was I supposed to say? I don't want to go back to him, he was going to hurt me

"I don't have a home anymore, I ran away" I said he looked confused, he had a puzzled face on before he could say anything I fell asleep in his arms.

Louis POV 

She didn't have a home?! Where would I take her? Why did I even ask myself, Of course I would take her to our house. Wait, I need to ask her why she had no home! Her eyes closed and it was too late to ask because she was fast asleep in my arms. It felt so right, to have her in my arms, me holding her. She was so light, so skinny, so...beautiful. 

~about ten minutes later~ 

We were finally at home, I wasn't even tired, she was so light I almost forgot she was in my arms I kick on the door and I see Harry standing there.

"Why don't you use your key Lou, there's a rea-" he said before he noticed there was a girl in my arms.

"I told you no more bringing stray girls in" he said with a smirk.

"Stop hazza it's not funny she's not okay and she ran away from home and she doesn't want to go back!" I said as my heart filled with sadness, I went up to my room and laid her down on the bed softly trying not to wake her. I then laid a t-shirt of mine on the bed next to her and got an Advil and a cup if water for her knowing she would be in pain when she woke up. Then I left 

Kara's POV

I woke up and I was in a large room that was similar to my room In "His" house, was I back? No it can't be, I was with Louis. 

"Louis" I screamed in a raspy voice.

"Yes babe?" He asked 

"Where am I?" I said confused 

"In my room laying on my bed" he said, I couldn't see him but I could tell he was smiling. He laid down in the bed next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close.

"Babe? Why don't you have a house?" He asked, what do I say?

Louis POV

I decided to ask why she had no home.

"Babe? Why don't you have a house?" I asked, she whispered and I could tell it hurt her to think about it.

"I-I u-ummmm, I had this boyfriend, and he loved me, and I loved him, I LOVED him. We were together for 6 months and then something happened and he changed, he started being protective and then he started hurting me for his anger. Then yesterday night we got into a fight and he started hitting me and hurting me saying things no one would want to hear. I broke it off but he would keep coming back, he wouldn't let me leave. We moved in with each other after my dad died and he was also abusive and...and last night I told him it was over for good a he slapped me, he cut my face and then left. I packed some clothes and left, I went to that park and sat there the whole night." She said shakely. Hearing what happened to her made me cry, I didn't want her to hear, but she did and then she started to cry herself. "I started to...hurt my self I was sick from him hurting me constantly, I cut m-myself, when he hurt me. It's my way of releasing all my feelings. I stop when he's nice, but when he's not.. I do it"  she said I took her arm and kissed it.

"Please never do that again" I said hoping she would listen.

"I'll try not to" she said which was a relieve to hear. I think.. No.. I just met her... Maybe? I think I may have some feelings for her. 

"I should um go." She said.

" no you stay here with me." I said. 

"No, ill bother you." Se said as she turned her head to face The ground 

"No you won't" I said 

"But... Bu-" I cut her off and hugged her tightly.

"But nothing" I said

"Can I take a shower?" She asked 

"Of course bathroom is outside I the room take a left and second door on the right" I said. 

"Thanks she said and off she went. 

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