Its about a girl named Kara who has had a bad past with a boy and runs away from him only to fall into another's arms, his name was Louis. she fell for another boy but could never fully get over Louis until they finally together.


1. Leaving Him

Kara's POV 

"STOP" I screamed as my boyfriend continually hit me. 

"Your lucky you have me, I'm a king compared to you, your just a filthy peasant, you don't deserve me."  He screamed at me as his grip around my arm got tighter.

"If anything you don't deserve me, what have I done to make you treat me like this? Why? We used to be perfect then you changed. I loved the old you now your just abusing me physically and mentally, that's it we are over and it's final, no coming back now." I said to my "boyfriend" just thinking if that word sent chills down my spine. He looked at me in the eyes.

"Raymond, it's over now let go of me." He let go of me, slapped me across the face and left.

"I'll be back" he said as he slammed  the door behind himself. He made me nervous, why couldn't I stand up for myself before, why didn't I end this when he first treated me like this. We shared this apartment and I had to leave, I'm not going to stay when he treats me like this, I went upstairs hoping he wouldnt come back before I leave, I pack a bag with my favorite clothes and shoes. Of course with my luck he comes back. What do I do now? 

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" I hear Raymond scream loudly 

I threw my stuff out the window and jumped out right after it and ran, I didn't know where to go or where i was. I decided to go to my favorite park and i sat there, I was sitting there gazing at the waterfall and the next thing I knew it was morning. I looked around hoping to find someone or something only to find nothing. Just then I felt a warm hand on my back. I was too nervous to spin around so I just sat there still, paralyzed,  until he talked.

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