The Youtuber

Marely was just an ordinary nerd, with about 2.5 million followers, more than her bestie, Bethany Mota! Yeah MacBarbie07! Marely loves her fans but wonders why she has so many followers, she doesn`t realize that she gives the BEST advice, even Beth tells her that! When Marely starts to do some covers, one of Undercover Baby by Jordan Jansen. What happens when he listens to her and LIKES her? Will he find out how to meet her? Will Marely fall for the Australian singer (AKA Jordan)? Find out in 'The Youtuber'!


1. Intros!

"Hey guys! So I`m here with my bestie! Here she is. BETHANY MOTA!" I yelled, then laughed. 
"Hi Marely`s suscribers!"Beth said, waving and smiling.
"First Beth they are called 'Mars Bars' remember?" I looked into my camera, "She always forgets" I laugh. 
"Anyways, we are here for a sleepover, and well we got bored. My subscribers know what that means... we got candy and makeup from where else? Target!" Beth held up some makeup. "So we are gonna have fun, and I`m going first!" She said. 
"Fine! But don`t make me look all girly and stuff like you did last time, I hated it." I reminded her. 
One she was finished I had to look into the camera then look in my hand mirror. 
"Oh god, I love it!" And I did. I hugged her "Ok it`s MY turn" I smiled evily. Beth backed away, I rolled my eyes. 
"Do not make me look ugly." She demanded, "I`m girly" She giggled. 
"I won`t!" I said and got to work. First by removing her makeup. I added some liquid foundation, and looked at her outfit. Bethany had on a pair of white short shorts, and a black long sleeve top with come white VANS. So I did her look natural, with some natural colors and some liquid eyeliner and some pink lip gloss. I made her look into the camera and barely got her to look at herself in my hand mirror. She squealed with delight. 
"I LOVE IT" She screamed and hugged me tight.I laughed and turned to my camera. 
"Ok guys well we have to go and have out sleepover! Love you all!" I blew a kiss into the camera. 
"Bye Marely!" I looked at her and laughed. 
"Wow that`s what I call my subscribers and forgot. Wow!" I said and turned off my camera. 
"What next girly?" Beth asked me. I shrugged my shoulder. I grabbed my guitar and started to work on some songs. They weren`t by me. Lots were for covers I`m thinking of doing later. So, I`ve been practicing. More on one by Jordan Jansen, called 'Undercover Baby' I was only humming it though. " SING SONG! SING IT!" Beth yelled.
"Nope! I don`t sing remember?" I said and kept strumming my guitar.
" Fine" She slummed down in her chair.
"Get my camera up and running." I demanded. She smiled and did as I told her. She`s obedient at times and not at others, most of the time anyways. 
I started strumming and getting ready to sing before I would say go. 
"Go" I said.
"It`s already recording" Beth said. I laughed and waited a second. Now it`s time. Intros first.

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