The Youtuber

Marely was just an ordinary nerd, with about 2.5 million followers, more than her bestie, Bethany Mota! Yeah MacBarbie07! Marely loves her fans but wonders why she has so many followers, she doesn`t realize that she gives the BEST advice, even Beth tells her that! When Marely starts to do some covers, one of Undercover Baby by Jordan Jansen. What happens when he listens to her and LIKES her? Will he find out how to meet her? Will Marely fall for the Australian singer (AKA Jordan)? Find out in 'The Youtuber'!


3. Her Voice


I got a notification telling me someone did a cover on one of my songs, so I decided to listen to it. She`s really good. I was half singing along, since it`s my song. She- Marely was beautiful, and talented. And famous according to her channel of 2.5 million followers.  For some reason, I want her. Like I don`t know why. She`s amazing, beautiful, and a great singer. But she`s in the U.S., crap. 
"Mum! Can we go to California?" I yelled from my room.
"If we can get the money, yes!" She yelled back. I really don`t like ifs right now.
"We have it!"I said, getting up and going to see her in the living room, smiling.
"Testing you! We leave tomorrow. Pack clothes for a week, maybe two. Yeah, two" She said, I smiled and hugged her. So happy! I decided to tweet them. Since Marely`s twitter was in the description box! 
' @MacBarbie07 @MarelyBarely07 I heard you singing my song. Guess what? I`m coming for a visit! Yeah! Haha. Anyways, great voice. :) x'

I smiled and sent it, hoping they would follow me. Bethany had to but Marely commented:

' @JoranJansen Aw thanks. Uhm as you can tell I play guitar too! Haha! See ya when you get to Cali! Tell me when you arrive! Maybe I`ll show you around ;)'

I laughed and started to pack my stuff. I couldn`t wait!! Haha! I may or may not be fan girling because they both follow me and Marely talked/tweeted to meee!!! Whoa. Imma man! Need to man up! Haha!

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