Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Just before I was supposed to meet Abby at the beach, I decided to go for a run. I put on my workout outfit, stretched a bit, and headed for the front door. But Alex stopped me.

          “Where are you going?” She asks, and stirs her coffee.

          “I’m going for a run.”

          “Oh. Be careful.” She smiled and turned back into the kitchen.

          I opened the front door, and headed down the beach. I usually ran in the morning on the weekends, before I had to do anything that day. I ran a hand over my ponytail, feeling my soft hair, breathed, started my iPod on my arm band, and headed towards the beach.

          I breathed in the ocean air as I followed  the path like I did the previous night. I checked my watch. Eight-thirty. I still had time to go home after this, have a shower and be ready to meet Abby.

          I know I just met her, but she seemed like a good enough person that I accepted her invitation to meet her at the beach. I smiled at the sun warming the day after a fairly cool night.


I stopped at a booth near the end of the public beach, and grabbed an lemonade. I stayed there for a few minutes to finish it, and run back to the house and change. I checked my watch. Eight fifty-two. I could make it back in time a little after nine.

          I threw out my lemonade, and stretched, and then started to lightly jog back towards the house. I pressed the next button on my iPod and silently sand along to a song by The Band Perry.

          I wasn’t paying attention when I accidently bumped into a broad shoulder.   

          “Are you okay,” a deep voice asked.

          “Yeah, I’m good.” I looked up and saw pale green eyes, that reminds me of green grapes, looking at me. I blushed a little.

          “I’m Tyler.”


          “Nice to meet you Megan. I haven’t seen you around. Are you visiting for the summer?”

          “Yeah, I’m staying with my sister.”

          “Oh, that’s awesome. I don’t have one, just a little brother.” He smiled. The smile looked to genuine, and it lit up his whole face. His hair looked almost black in this light, and his eyes really popped out.

          “Sadly I don’t. But, I need to go.” I smiled, then turned to walk away. “Bye.”

          “Bye.” He lifted his hand in a little way, and ran in the opposite direction.


I arrived home a few minutes later, just enough time to have a shower, and get ready to meet Abby. I emerged from the shower, and wiped away the steam from the mirror, peering at myself.

          My eyes were a simple bluish-gray framed with long dark eyelashes. I got them from my Dad, as well as my hair colour. I got my full lips and nice nose from my Mom. I quickly dried myself, then dressed in a pair of blue jean shorts, and yellow tank top, then a yellow top that almost like a tank top, but it was little looser.

          I rubbed my hair with the towel, and pulled it back into a ponytail. I checked my time. Ten-thirty.

          I went into my room, grabbed the bag I used for the beach, and put in a bathing suit, a towel from Alex’s linen closest, sunscreen, sunglasses, iPod, and a few magazines.

          I met up with Elliot in the hallway. “I’m going to the beach for a couple of hours.”

          “Okay, but it’s date night for Alex and I, and since we didn’t know if you were coming yesterday or today, we booked a babysitter for Elisa, and I just want you to be aware that if there’s someone with Elisa. He’ll be over around six thirty.”

          “Okay. Thanks for letting me know Elliot.”

          “Oh, well your welcome. Have fun Megan.”

          “Thanks. See you later.” I went to the door.


          I opened the door, and walked back to the beach.



Once I got to the beach, I went to the change rooms, and changed into my bathing suit. When I finished, I put on my yellow tank top, and jean shorts back on, and put my yellow top in my bag.

          The beach was already pretty full even at ten forty. I smiled as I walked to the spot where Abby told me to meet her. I pulled out my blanket, lightly laid it on the sand, and sat down on it. I pulled out my iPod and a magazine and laid back up on the towel.

          I felt a light tap on my bare back ten minutes later, and I turned over and saw Abby.

          “Hey, you actually came.” She sounded excited.

          “Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” I ask. I turn over, and wrapped my headphones around my iPod and put the magazine and iPod back into my bag. Abby laid her towel beside mine, and her bag beside mine.

          “Well, when people I just meet on the beaches, I usually ask if they want to hang out because they might be new, and usually they don’t show.”

          “That’s just mean.” I laugh and she joins.

          “So, Megan, tell me about yourself.” Abby asks.

          “Um . . . my birthday is August second, I have a older sister, and I’m living with her this summer.” I grin.

          “How old is your sister?” She asks.

          “Twenty-three, but turning twenty four in a couple of weeks.”

          “Wow, and you are. . .”

          “Seventeen.” I answer.

          “Wow,” Abby sounded actually astonished. “That’s a huge age difference.”

          “I know. Anyway, tell me about yourself.”

          “Well, my birthday is October fifteenth, I have an brother a couple of years younger than me, and I’ve lived here my whole life.” She shrugs like it’s no big deal.

          “So if you’ve lived here your whole life, can you tell me where I can get a good burger?”

          “Sure, just around the corner actually. I didn’t have breakfast.” She gets up, and shakes out her towel to get rid of the sand, and puts it in her bag.

          I do the same.       

          We walk up the board walk, and I follow her to the place of these burgers.



We stop at a little building that practically glows in the summer sun. The outside is painted blue, and the name is so cute. Milkshake the Sun. I turn to Abby.

          “Do they also serve milkshakes.”

          She nods, “Best in town.”

          She starts walking toward the shop. As we open the door, a little bell chimes. Something about that makes me feel at home. Abby walks up to the counter.

          “Megan here is new, I’d like to show her why you guys have the best burgers. So, 2 cheeseburgers, and a chocolate milkshake.” She turns to me, “Do you want a milkshake?”         

          I look at the menu. “Chocolate please.”

          Abby looks back at the guy. “and two chocolate milkshakes.

          The guy reads back the order, and Abby nods. He gives a slip of paper with a number. “Let’s go sit down,” Abby says and directs to a small two-person table.

          Then two guys up to us. “Abby, you never disappoint. You always gather up the tourists before any of us get a chance.” A boy with blonde hair says, smiling at Abby. Then I look at his friend and see it’s Tyler.

          I blush a little.

          I guess he notices me too, “Megan! Good to see you again. Why don’t you and Abby join us at our table?” He asks quickly, then he blushes a little which I will admit looks cute on him.

          “Sure,” I look at Abby but she’s looking at the other guy. “Do u want to go sit with them.

          Tyler laughs, then leans into my ear. “It always happens. Why don’t you sit at our table, so we can let the kids be alone.”

          I’m surprised that I nod quickly.

          I get out of my chair, and take the slip of paper just in case our numbers gets called.

          Tyler directs to a four sear table, and I sit across from him.

          “So, what’s going on between Abby and that guy. I know I just met you guys, but I’m just curious.” I said after a moment of silence.

          He smiles, “Abby and Aiden have been in love for years, but they won’t admit it to each other. They usually just stare at each other, completely oblivious about everything else in the world.”

          “Well, then why don’t you set them on a blind date?” I ask, looking over my shoulder at the two.

          “I’ve thought about doing that, but I know it won’t work ‘cause they know it was me that set them up, and I can’t deal with them not liking me.”

** ** ** **


I got home just before seven.

          “Oh, there you are!” Alex exclaimed as I opened the door.

          “Is the babysitter here yet?” I ask.

          She shakes her head. “I told him that someone is going to be here when he gets here, just so he’s not freaked out if there’s any noises. Elliot and I were just about to call you to get your butt back here. Elliot wants to leave a little earlier, so when he gets here, just open the door.” She puts on some more lip gloss before Elliot enters  the room. She kissed my cheek. “We’ll be back around 10.” And, they both walk out the door.

          I go to the window, and see that Elliot took Alex’s hand, and kissed her neck quickly before going into the car. I turn to go to the living room.   

          “Elisa?” I ask as I turn the corner, and she’s sitting on the playing with toys.

          “Aunt Meggie!” She yells happily and gets up to give me a hug.

          “Hey, Liz. What did you and your mommy do today?” I ask, pulling her into my lap as I sat on the couch.   

          “We baked cookies.” She smiles.

          I widen my eyes in a dramatic way. “Do you want one?” I ask and she nods. I pick up her as I stand and hold her in my arms, but near my hip. We walk to the kitchen and I saw cookies on a cooling rack.         

          I picked one up, and took a bite, and melted. Alex always made the best cookies. I picked one for Elisa, and I took her to the dining room. I sat her in a chair, and sat myself in the one beside it.         

          She smiled as she ate the cookie. Then there was a knock at the door, and someone opened it as I started  to walk into the kitchen.

          I rolled my eyes, then kissed Elisa on the head. “Stay right here.”

          I walked out the dining and called, “What did you forget Alex?” Then I stopped dead in my tracks.

          “Tyler? What are you doing here?” I ask.

          He looked as confused as I was. “I’m Elisa’s babysitter. Alex said that she and Elliot were going to a movie, and they needed me.”

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