Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


12. Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12

I called my Mom and told her I was coming home earlier. “But, why?” she asked.

    I was packing my stuff to leave for tomorrow around two. “I guess I just want to come home a little earlier and get ready for school in a couple of weeks.”

    “Well, okay. Does your sister know?”

    Should I lie? “I’m going to tell her once I’m finished talking with you.”

    “Okay, tell her to call me after because I’m pretty sure she’ll want to talk to me.”

    “Okay, bye Mom. Love you and see you soon.” I hung up after she said her goodbyes and finished packing. I left out my outfit for tomorrow.

    Since I was leaving tomorrow, I decided to take my camera and go down to the beach to take some more pictures. I grabbed my camera but first I had to tell Alex.   

    I found her in the kitchen. “I’m leaving tomorrow.” That made her turn around extremely fast and stare at me.

    “You’re what?!” Alex yelled at me.

    “I’m going home tomorrow.” I said.

    “But your birthday is in a week.” She pointed out.

    I nodded. “I know, and you’re welcome to come back home and celebrate it with Mom and I.” I started toward the door.

    “Now where do you think you’re going!” She yelled as I started to open the door.

    “I’m going to take pictures,” I yelled back.

    “Well, you’re going to talk about this!” Alex yelled and I closed to the door behind and started toward the beach.

    The sun was very bright today, and it eliminated the board walk and the smiling people walking on it.

    My camera was around hanging on its strap around and swaying back and worth as I walked down the beach. I headed toward a patch of grass that over looked the ocean.

    The I saw that there were two chairs almost facing each other, and almost side by side. The chairs were facing the ocean, and they had little sailboats on the top. I stepped closer and put on my zoom.

    I took a few pictures before someone tapped my shoulder. I turned was looking at Tyler’s dad. “Hello,” He said.

    “Hi,” I replied nervously.

    He stood beside me. “How are you?” He asks.

    This is getting really awkward. So, I turn my attention to my camera, looking at the photos of the chairs. One picture looked so beautiful, that you felt a relaxing feeling coming off from the chairs.

    “I’m good thanks.” I turned to walk away but Tyler’s Dad said something that stopped me in my tracks.

    Then he walked away, leaving in a daze. Don’t let Paisley ruin the love you and Tyler have and forever will have, played again in my head. I shook my head trying to get it out.

    I looked at the picture again, and suddenly I thought how it would be for Tyler and I to sit in those chairs. I shook my head again. It wouldn’t happen because Tyler had Paisley now.

    I walked toward the beach, feeling the sun on my skin. The warm spread across my skin. I found a bench, just off the sand sat down.

    This summer has been quite the experience for me.

    My first love.

    My first heartbreak.

    But, what was most painful was finding The One, but he had feelings for another girl.

    I sighed and started to walk back to Alex’s house to give into her long talk. I needed someone to talk to. Someone that would understand.

    I looked back at the smiling, laughing, warm faces on the beach and the boats floating in the water because I knew I wouldn’t see in a long time. 

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