Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter 3

“They never said that you were Elisa’s babysitter.” I tell Tyler as he hung his coat.

          “They didn’t? I’m hurt.” He dramatically put a hand to his heart, and smiled a soft smile. “Now, where’s the little queen?”He asks.

          “She’s in the dining room eating on Alex’s cookies.”

          He stops and turns to me. “Alex made cookies. Yes!” He walked to the dining room, gave Elisa a quick hug, and then went to the kitchen to get a cookie.

          Elisa hopped out of her seat and run after Tyler. “TYLER!” She yelled, smiling. He took a cookie, then picked up Elisa.

          “Hey, how’s my favourite girl?” Tyler asks Elisa.

          “Good.” She grinned at him.

          “Now, what did you want to do?” He asks, almost twirling her around. I laughed and smiled at his sudden cuteness toward my niece.

          “Auntie Meggie’s here, so we can do anything! Let’s play dress up!” Tyler put her down and she ran to her room. I smiled at Tyler.

          “Do you this all the time? Play dress up,” I asked him as we walked to the stairs.   

          He blushed, which meant he had. I laughed a little.



After about an hour, we were both done. I grabbed a mirror, and laughed at myself.

          “Don’t I look beautiful?” I asked Tyler and Elisa. I posed prentending I was model. Usually I’d shy around a guy like this, but it felt like I’ve known Tyler for a long time instead of a day.

          He laughed and nodded, then I burst out laughing because his dark hair was put into place by many bows, and he had lipstick on, and blush all around his face.

          “Hey! Stop laughing. You’re pretty funny looking yourself.” He grinned.         

          “I know, but at least I can pull it off.” I stuck out my tongue, then our gazes locked, and we just stood there staring at each other. He pale green eyes stared into mine, not showing any sign that he’d look away.

          Then Elisa tugged on both our shirts. “Do you like it?” She asked, giving us those eyes that said please say yes.

          I picked her up, and kissed her cheek. “I love it, Liz.” We both looked at Tyler, and he jumped around the room, then stopped in front of us.

          He kissed her forehead. “You’re a beautiful makeup artist, Liz. You should become one, one day.” He looked my way quickly, then looked back at Liz.

          She yawned, and put her head on my shoulder. “You put her to bed, and I’ll clean up?” I asked.         

          “But I’m not tired!” She whined.

          “You will be tomorrow.” I handed her over to Tyler.

          “Come on, Liz. Let’s get you to bed.” Tyler whisper to Elisa, her head on his shoulder.




I was just about finished when Tyler came back in, “Need any help?” He asked and bent down beside me.

          “Nope, I’m good. Thanks though.”

          I got up, and walk toward my room to change into my pyjamas. Tyler followed me. I stopped outside my bedroom door. I turned back to him.

          “Unless you want to see me in my underwear and bra, you’d better not follow me into my room.”

          He smiled, and shook his head, but still looked at me for a moment more necessary and turned to the stairs.

          I opened my bedroom, and closed it lightly. I went to my bag, pulled out my white and blue plaid pyjama bottoms, and black v-neck shirt. I will admit that I did my hair into a neat pony tail, and applying some cover up. I really don’t know why I was doing this.

          I wasn’t here to have a relationship.

          I opened the door, and headed to the living room. Tyler was on the couch, remote in hand, and once I entered, he moved to let me have room.

          “I put in a movie.” He said, and the movie sprang into life.



I woke up, and I don’t know this happen, but my head was on Tyler’s calves. He was asleep, and I was curled on my side, heads on his legs.

          I leaned up quietly, and rubbed my eyes. When did we fall asleep?

          The screen was turned to the main menu on the DVD player. I sat up, stretched and looked at the time.

          Eleven-oh-six. I turned to Tyler. He looked so peaceful when he slept. His hands were clasped together, and his head was on the back of the couch.

          I shook his shoulder a little. He sprang awake and said, “Megan?” In a worried voice, then he looked at me, and turned red. “Sorry, m-must have fallen asleep.” He sat, then stood and stretched, giving me a little peak at his stomach.

          I stood up and walked to the front door. Alex and Elliot’s shoes were there. They probably got in, and went straight to bed.

          Tyler’s eyes widened as he looked at the time. “I should get going before my parents send out a search party.” He grabbed his bag that I hadn’t seen he put there, and turned to me.

          “See you tomorrow.” Then in a blink the door was opening and he was walking out. He closed the door softly. I looked out the window, and he was walking down the walkway to a parked car out front. He stood by the driver’s side, looking at the house before getting into the car and driving away.


** ** ** ** ** **


The next day I woke up to someone knocking on my door. I got up, crossed my arms, and opened the door.

          “Hey, Meg, how did yesterday go?” Alex asks.

          “Good.” I replied.

          “Um . . . Tyler called her a few minutes ago, and said that he wanted you to meet him and Abby at Milkshake the Sun in an hour. It’s eleven.”

          “Sure.” I said, as Alex turned and walked down the stairs.

          I closed the door, and got ready.



I walked down the path toward Milkshake the Sun and saw a familiar head in the crowd.

          “Abby!” I yell, and she turns, and gives me a slow smile.

          “What brings you to Milkshake the Sun?” She asks as I catch up with her.

          I give her a confused look, “What do you mean? Tyler called my sister and said that he wanted me to meet you and him here.”

          She shakes her head, clearly confused as I am. “He never mentioned this to me.”

          I shake my head. “But, since your here would you like to join us?” I ask. I push the door open and look around. I find Tyler, and he instantly smiles, but then his eyes widen at Abby standing beside me.

                   I wave, and he waves back. Abby whispers, “I think he likes you.”

                   That makes my head turn back to her almost causing me whiplash, “He looks like he already has a girlfriend? He looks like the person that has many.”

                   She shakes her head, “He’s only had one. He hasn’t really like anyone after they broke up.” We get to the order placement. We order, then Abby turns back to me. “They broke up a few months ago, they were almost together a year. But, she won’t be here. She’s on the mainland.”  

          “And no one’s appealed to him?” I ask, way to curiously. I will admit that he is hot, and I’m getting a little jealous that he’s has a girlfriend.

          “Well, not until now.” She smirks and give me a little nudge. “Go on, he’s probably dying with you standing there and not by him. Go on, I’ll be over in a few”

          I smile at her before turning to Tyler. He sat up straighter and waved me over. “Megan!”

          I shake my head, and sit down in the chair, “Why did you say Abby was joining us when she wasn’t?”

          He blushed a little, and averts his eyes for a quick second, “’Cause I want to get to know you, and we can’t do that with a five year around us. Is Abby coming over?” He asks, nodding to Abby waiting for our order.

          She’s talking on the phone, talking in a low voice where I can’t hear it over the chatter around the room.

          “Yeah, we just ordered our drinks.” I give a smile.

          He opens his mouth to say something, Abby is already walking over, with our drinks.

          I take my drink and look at her, “Who were you talking on the phone with?” I ask. I take a sip of my drink.

          “No one.” She gives an innocent smile, but I know it’s anything but.



We finish our drinks, then Tyler says he’s going to call Aiden to see if he’s free. Once he’s out of ear shot, Abby takes my arm and whispers, “He wouldn’t stop giving you looks’ in there. He knew I was watching him doing it, but he still did. I think he’s really liking you, Meg.”

          I moved some hair out of my face. “He didn’t.” I knew I was getting redder.

          She nods, “He so did.”

          I see that Tyler’s heading towards us. “Shh.”

                   She smiles, then looks at Tyler. “Is Aiden coming?” She asks.

                   “Yeah, he’s on his way.” He tells Abby, but it looks like he’s telling me.


Once Aiden shows up, we all end up playing beach volleyball. Girls versus Guys. So far Abby and I are winning. I personally think that they’re letting us win because the muscles they have defiantly show that they’re both very athletic.

          I catch the ball. “FOUL!” Aiden yells, pointing a finger at me.

          I roll my eyes. I’m getting really comfortable with them even though I’ve known them for less than three days. “I know you guys are letting us win, so why don’t you not go easy on us?” I ask. I look at Abby and she nods, agreeing with this.

          I serve and Tyler spikes it, making a dent in the sand. I glare at him, but he just smiles. “SWITCH!” Aiden yells suddenly and runs to my side.

          “What do you mean?” I ask him.

          “You’re with Tyler now.” Aiden says, taking a place behind me.

          “Come on, I’m not that bad,” Tyler whines, giving a small, dimpled smile. His pale green sparkle in the summer sun.

          I laugh, and go to his side.

          When we’re finished playing, Tyler pulls me to the side. “Do you want to go to Alicia’s party tonight?” He asks, not looking me in the eye. I look at him, then he quickly adds, “Abby and Aiden will be there.”

          “Uh. . . Sure.” I give him a smile, then a hug.

          He breathes like he hasn’t breathed in months, and hugs me back. As we pull away from each other, he asks, “What was that for?

          “For being a good person to Elisa, and me."

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