Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter 4

Alicia’s party is too cool. Her house looks like those houses that were made over a 100 years ago, but yet it looks modern. Abby picked up, and we got ready together for the party.

          I curled my hair a little, leaving soft, barely-there curls. Abby hair was pin straight, but she had one piece that was curl like mine, and it was pinned by a bobby pin on the side.

          “Who’s Alicia?” I ask as we get out the car. I’m dressed in a pair of shorts, and elbow sleeved black shirt.

          Abby was dressed in a skirt, and purple tank top. “The most popular girl at our school. She always throws parties every once and a while during the summer.”


          We walk to the front door and Abby’s just about to knock when there’s a breath on my shoulder. “You look great,” A familiar deep voice said. .

          I turn around and see Tyler and Aiden there. Aiden gives Abby and once over, and nods. She smiles, and takes his hand and guides him inside. I follow them, and end up in the kitchen.

          “Drink?” Abby asks holding a cup with something in it.

          “Sure,” I take it, and drink.


After two hours, I feel tipsy. I’m yelling something, holding up a cup, then drinking more.

          Tyler comes up to me. “Are you okay?” he asks.

          “I’m great!” I slur. I try to stand up straight.

          “You’ve had too much to drink, haven’t you?” He asks, taking my hand.

          I have gotten drunk before, but not like this. I didn’t know how much I drank, but I felt great.

          “No! I’ve only had one glass!” I yell, and I see some turning heads. He takes my arm and wraps it around his waist. “I’m getting you out of here.” He started walking toward the door.

          I slur some more words. I’m going to have a wicked hangover tomorrow.

          Tyler tells someone that he’s taking me home, and before I know, I’m being lifted to a car.

          “LET ME DOWN!” I scream.

          He doesn’t let go until I’m in a seat. He buckles my seat, and then hops into the driver’s side.



We stopped, and the car stopped as well. Tyler got out of the car, and went to my side. He picked me up again, and closed the door softly behind him. I pounded on his back.

          “Calm down.” He says, and opens the door. We walk up stairs and he opens the door and that’s when I notice we’re not at my house, but his.

          He puts me in his bed. Then he moves some of the clothes on the floor to a corner.

          “Now, you’re going to stay here will I get changed, and get you a drink of water.” He said softly, like speaking a misbehaving kitten. He kissed my forehead, and headed out the room.

          Then I look through his stuff. I still feel a bit tipsy, but more of tiredness is coming to me.

          I open the drawer of his bedside table and see a few cables for chargers, I think. Then I see a sketch book on his desk. I walk quietly over there and pick it up. I scan through the pictures but stop on a familiar one.

          It’s a drawing of me on the day we first met. I had my hair back in a ponytail, headphones in, and he drew the tank top on my shoulders.

          It didn’t look like he was finished shading, but the picture made me look beautiful. I heard footsteps on the stairs, and I quickly put it back.

          Tyler walks in wearing just boxers. He’s got muscles. Those muscles that aren’t big, but you can tell they’re there. I just wanted to run my hands over them. As he puts glasses down, I walk over, and put a hand on his chest.

          I feel like I’m being controlled by someone else. I run a hand down his chest, and then I kiss him. We moved around, but I push him to the bed.

Damn alcohol. I can’t control myself.

I kiss him again, but I feel I’m giving a wet, slobbery one. He puts a hand on my shoulder. “You’re drunk.”

          “Am not,” I move to kiss him again. He rolls out from under me, and sets a blanket on the floor. “Yes, you are, and I don’t want to do that even though you’re drunk. Good night Megan,” He says and lies on the floor.


I wake up with a massive headache and the feeling like I’m going to die. I look around the room and see I’m not in my room.

          What the hell happened last night.

          I sit up and feel I’m still in the outfit as yesterday. I see that Tyler is asleep on the floor. It hurts some much to even shake him with my foot.

          “Uggg,” He moans as he turns over. He sits up, and rubs his eyes. “You better?”

          “I will be. What happened last night”?”

          “Nothing, other than you getting drunk.” He replied, and stood up. He was only in his boxers. Damn.

          “What are we doing in your room then?” I ask .

          “I decided to bring you here instead so I could keep an eye on you, and you won’t set a bad example for Elisa.” He walked over to the desk, and took a drink of water. I stood up, and took a drink and I noticed a sketch book.

          “You draw?” I ask, reaching for it.

          He quickly snaps it away. “A little, but I suck.” I take it from his hands, and turn a random page.

          “HEY!” he calls, trying to get it out of my sight, but I’m too mesmerized by the drawing of me.

          I’m laying on a bed. My hand under my cheek, a few strands of hair draped over my face. My eyes were closed.

          I looked at Tyler and he was looking at something else that interested him. I walk to him, and put the picture near his face. “What’s this?”I ask.

          He takes it out my hand but doesn’t say anything.

          I smile as he puts it on the table. “It’s beautiful Tyler. You have a real talent.” Then I kiss his cheek.

          He blushes, but still doesn’t say anything. But, then he talks. “I think you should head phone and deal with Alex and Elliot.”

          “I agree,” I replied. He showed me the way out of his house, and to his car.



We pulled up to the house, and I could tell I was in a lot trouble. Elliot was standing in to the front, arms crossed, looking around. I knew Alex was in the living, pacing, I could just tell.

          I let go a deep breath, “Now it’s time to face the music.” I say, reaching for the handle.

          But Tyler stopped me. “I’m coming. I’m not letting you take all the blame for this.”


          As we emerged from the car, Elliot directed his attention to us, and started to stalk towards us. Anger consumed his entire expression. “Where the hell were you, Megan? Alex and I, including Elisa were so worried.” Then he looked at Tyler with a confused look.

          “It’s not like what it seems. We went to a party last night, and I took her to my place after. I swear I wasn’t drinking. I wanted her to sleep it off.”

          “Sleep what off?” Elliot asks.

          “I might have had a few drinks.” I murmured. Elliot takes my arms, and suddenly I feel like I’m five.

          “Thanks Tyler for returning her. I hope you didn’t try anything.” Elliot starts to walk back to the house with me stumbling him.

          “Oh, God, no. I let her sleep in my bed, and I was on the floor, swear on my sketch book.” He starts to go back to the car.

          Elliot smiles a little. “Thanks Tyler. Come on, we’re going to console your sister that your fine.”

          Elliot pulls me to the house and I hear Tyler’s car drive away. Elliot opens the door, and calls to Alex. She comes running in, then I’m wrapped up in her arms. Then, she pushes me. “Do you know how worried I was?” She yells. “I promised Mom that I’d keep an eye on you, and you do this. Why didn’t you call or even text?”       

          I fall to the floor when she pushes me again and I curl into a ball. The headache is growing bigger as she’s yelling at me. “. . . and you’re grounded for today! You’re not going out of your room.”

          “Fine!” and I stomp up the stairs. I see Elisa standing on the top of the stairs, hugging her bear.

          “Auntie Meggie? Where were you?” She says so softly I could be barely hear her. I hug her, trying to stop her tears that might spill over.

          “I’m here, Liz. I’m here and I’m fine. Just go downstairs and eat some breakfast.” I say softly and hug her again before going to my room. 

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