Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


11. Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11

Tyler was meeting me at Milkshake the Sun. It’s been two weeks since we confessed, and I could tell that our relationship was stronger than ever. Paisley hasn’t tried anything lately but I could tell she was planning something by the way she looked at the last few weeks.

    Abby and Aiden had finally gotten together, and we were all happy for them. I only had two more weeks on the island before I went to college. Tyler and I haven’t really talked about what’s going to happen once the summer was over.

    I stopped out front of the shop and took a deep breath. I opened the door and gaped at the sight in front of me. Tyler was sitting there with Paisley and they lips were locked. And, the horrible thing was that Tyler didn’t seem to mind.

    I held in the tears, and walked over. I unclenched my fists and sit in front of them. They didn’t notice until Paisley looked at me, and unlocked her lips from Tyler and his eyes widened when he saw me.

    Before he could say anything, I got up, and slapped him. Hard. He winced and I walked away. I ran home, and once I was safe in my bed, I let the tears follow.

    After about twenty minutes, there was knock at my door. “Go away!” I yelled  and stuffed my face further in to my pillow.

    Abby came in, and gave me a soft smile. “Alex called me. She looked into your found and called to say I should come over. I brought supplies.”  She held up a bag and took out the contents and pulled out a container of chocolate ice cream and two spoons.

    I sat up and took one spoon, and eat some of it.

    “So, tell me what happened,” Abby said with some ice cream in her mouth. I told her about how I was supposed to meet Tyler there but I found Tyler and Paisley making out.

    She shook her head, and passed the container to me. “I don’t think Tyler would do that. He loves you too much.” I took a scoop. I’m starting to feel better.

    “Well even if he does, why didn’t he stop Paisley? He still has feelings for her.”

    Abby put down the container and looked at me. “I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but you need to understand. Tyler liked you even before you came here.”

    “What do you mean?” Now I’m listening.

    “I mean that he liked you even before you came here. He saw your picture in your sister’s house, so one day he asked about you. They talked for about an hour, and I know this because he was an hour late coming to my house to hangout. Ever since then he’d always talk about the mystery girl and how much they had in common. It got really annoying, but it awesome that Tyler had finally found someone after Paisley.

    “Then you came to the island, and Tyler went crazy. After you bumped into him on the beach. He immediately text Aiden and I saying that he found you. Of course, we didn’t believe it and when he described you, that’s when I knew it was when I talked to you the day before. Since then Tyler’s been happier since you’ve arrived.”

    I couldn’t speak. I was literally speechless. So, Tyler liked me even before I came to the island.

    But, it still wasn’t an excuse for what he did even if it was Paisley’s fault. I put a huge spoon full of ice cream into my mouth.

    “It’s still not an excuse. I’m leaving in two days anyway.”

    Abby stared at me. “I thought you were leaving in two weeks.”

    “I guess I changed my mind.”

    “So, you’re just going to give up.” Abby looked appalled.

    I shrugged, “Guess so.”

    “Wow. Just, wow.” She snorted a laugh. She grabbed the bag and went out of my room.

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