Summer Island

This is a story about a girl named Megan spending the summer with her older sister. There, she meets Tyler.

I wrote this story a while ago, so it may not be the best written and story wise.
Please, comment on how you think it is.


8. Chapter Eight

Chapter 8

It’s been a week since Tyler and I have gotten together. Everyone seemed to be happy for us, but Paisley looked a little uneasy. But, he’s mine now, not hers. We were all currently sitting in Milkshake the Sun.

    “So, what do you guys want to do today?” Abby asks, taking a fry from Aiden’s plate.

    I took a sip from my milkshake, shivering both from the drink and Tyler’s hand on my knee. “I really don’t know.”

    “There’s a movie going on the beach tonight. We could all go.” Aiden suggested, taking a sip from Abby’s drink. She glared at him playfully.

    “I think we should do it,” Paisley added. She was being really quiet today.

    “We should!” I declared. I’d gotten more comfortable with everyone. “What time does it start?”

    “Think around nine.” Aiden said.

    “I can have Audrey cover for me, but I believe I can come.” Tyler said to Aiden. Tyler squeezed my knee.

    “Great why don’t we make it a triple date? Paisley can ask Dave is he wants to join.”

    Paisley didn’t say anything just nodded.


Tyler picked up around eight-thirty. I’d already told Elliot and Alex about date. They were fine with it, but just told me to text them when I was coming home.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask Tyler once we turn the corner off the street.

    “What do you mean?” He asks.

    “I mean with Paisley. She is your ex-girlfriend, I just thought it might be awkward.”

    He laughed, “Megan, it’s not awkward. In all honesty, I thought it’d be awkward for you.”

    “It’s not awkward.” I lied.

    “You sure?” He asks. He takes my hand in his, but still looks at the road.

    “Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled at him.

    “I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable. ‘Cause if you are, then I don’t mind going somewhere else tonight.”  

    I laugh. “Wouldn’t doubt it. I think we need to spend more time with Abby and Aiden.”

    He sighed knowing I was right.

    He pulled into the parking lot of the beach, and stopped the car. He looked at me, and grinned. Then he pulled my face closer to his and suddenly I was caught in his lips.

    His hands lingered on my cheeks as he moved his mouth on mine. He’d just opened my mouth with his when there was a knock at the window.

    Aiden was standing there, smirking at us, then he gave us the ‘come on’ look and walked away. I blushed as Tyler and I moved apart.

    Tyler looked like he was going to say something, but then stopped. “Come on,” He said after a minute at looking at me.

    I got out of the car as Tyler got out. He locked the doors, he took my hand, and we headed toward where Aiden and Abby were standing. “Come on, love birds,” Aiden said taking Abby’s hand.

    Paisley and I’m guessing Dave were already holding chairs. “Hurry or else they’ll kick us off the beach for holding 4 extra seats.” Paisley yelled. I seat in between Paisley and Tyler, which believe me felt awkward, epically since Tyler was holding my hand in his lap.

    I looked at Tyler, and he gave me a small smile, and turned his head back to the screen. The movie started, and the lights eliminating the beach dimmed. The last thing I saw was Paisley’s eyes forming a plan.


I’ve already seen the movie they were playing, so I was kind of bored. Tyler looked at me out of the corner of his eyes a couple of times, and I rested my head on his shoulder. He let go of my hand, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me as close to him as we could get in the chair.

    The movie ended, and the lights light up. It looked like they took the beach movie thing seriously, because it looked like a real movie theatre, lights on the ground, lamp post type lights on the side and a whole projector thingy at the back.

    Tyler got up, and stretched, giving a little glimpse at his stomach, and  then it quickly disappeared. Tyler helped me out of my chair and I stretched as well.

    “Do you guys want to go to The Steak World?” Tyler asked once we re-grouped. Everyone nodded and all headed back to our cars.

    “Um, Tyler, can I talk to you for a second,” Paisley asked, once we started to walk back to his car.

    He looked at me, and I nodded. They walked back to near a tree and Tyler slipped me the keys so I could keep the car running. I unlocked the passenger door and put the key in the ignition.

    But, as I started it, I kept an eye on them. I had a feeling that Paisley wanted Tyler ever since I saw them a week ago. They were talking quietly, I could tell because they were barely moving their mouths. Then Paisley touched his arm and gave him a look that made Tyler move away. That’s a good sign, right?

    Paisley stepped closer, which made Tyler take another step back. He was telling her something, trying to control his voice, and she let go of his arm. He said something again, and turned back to the car.

    I pretended I was playing with the radio once he came back into the car. He breathed and hit his head against steering wheel.

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