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3. Jblover678

1. How did you find out about Movellas?

Well, I was on my IPad and I saw a Justin Bieber fan fic app and it said powered by Movellas. So I went on and I checked it out. Then a friend of mine showed me how to write in it and then we both wrote a story together called "Personal Letters".  

2. Were you confused how to use Movellas at first?

No not really because I was with a friend and she bascallly showed me everything.

3. What do you do besides Movellas?

I am normally on the computer but i love swimming and i love riding my bike.

4. Does any of your stories relate to your life and how? (If it is personal you don't have to say how)

Kind of but it will be hard to explain.


Well that was the interview between me and Jblover678! Go check out her books! If you would like one then say "I want one!"

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