This Magical World

Olivia Violet Timmins thought there was something odd about her life, and indeed she was right. She was a witch. Olivia is 12 years old and finally gets her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What will her life like be there? What will happen when she meets the great Harry Potter? Read and find out.


2. The Letter

A month had passed by and I still hadn’t gotten my letter to Hogwarts. It was hard waiting for it. I was sitting on my bed just sitting and waiting for the letter to show, but it was no use. I decided that I would walk over to McKinley’s and hang out with her. Maybe if I hung out with her it would get here faster.

“Mom, I am going to McKinley’s house.” I yelled to my mother.

“Fine!” She yelled back.

As I walked outside and it’s still weird to me to see things like plants getting watered without anyone holding the hose and knowing that it happens because of magic. It is still sinking into my mind that I am a witch. All of my life up until this point we were told to believe that magic and witches and wizards don’t exist. But now all of that thinking is gone. They do exist, and I am one. My family, my friend, and my neighbors are witches and wizards too.  

I got to McKinley’s house and got here so we could walk to our spot. Our spot was in a field a few blocks away from our houses.

“So when do you think when we are going to get our letters?” I asked McKinley.

“Soon I think. Mom said that Dumbledore sends them out in June.” She said.

“It’s just so hard waiting, you know?”

“Yeah. Have your parents told you about a kid named Harry Potter?”

“Not really. I have heard them say a few things.”

“His story is really sad. His parents were killed by the Dark Lord and now he lives with his horrible Aunt and Uncle.”

“Yeah. I heard them say something about that. It is really sad.”

“Have you ever seen a picture of him?”

“No, why?”

“I have. He is actually adorable.”

“You and your boy obsessions.”

Since the first day of Kindergarten class McKinley has always been chasing the boys around trying to kiss them. Although now she doesn’t try and kiss them anymore, she just flirts a lot. Me, on the other hand, I am not as boy crazy as her. Don’t get me wrong. Boys are great, but I let the boys pursue me.

Just then something hit me and McKinley both on the head. We looked up and saw an owl sitting on a branch waiting for use to look at what it had dropped.

McKinley and I both looked down in our laps to see letters. Each one was addressed to us and written in emerald green ink. In the corner it had Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“This is it!” I squealed at McKinley.

I opened up my letter and saw that I would be starting school the 1st of September. Mum, Dad, and I would have to do my school shopping soon.

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