This Magical World

Olivia Violet Timmins thought there was something odd about her life, and indeed she was right. She was a witch. Olivia is 12 years old and finally gets her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What will her life like be there? What will happen when she meets the great Harry Potter? Read and find out.


1. I'm a Witch?

I felt something funny in my fingertips. Like something was about to burst out of it.

“Mom! I have that weird feeling again!” I yelled.

“Olivia, that’s great!” My mom exclaimed.

“But why?” I asked.

“Like I said, you will find it in a few months.” She told me again.


Well as you can see my name is Olivia. Olivia Violet Timmins to be exact. My family is sort of weird. We live in the small town of Godric’s Hollow. I see weird things happen, like things floating, things flying, and plants watering themselves. I ask my parents why this happens but they won’t tell me. They always say, we’ll tell you when you turn twelve. It drives me crazy. I just want to know. My mom Carrie Violet Timmins stays at home, and my dad Ryan Liam Timmins goes to work every day from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock. Do I know where he works? No! Want to know when I’ll find out. When I am twelve years old. I have three months until I turn twelve. Three months! Life just can’t come fast enough.


“Daddy, won’t you just tell my why all these things happen.” I asked as he walked in from work.

“We already told you. When you are twelve.” He said.

“You guys are so annoying!” I yelled.

“Olivia just sit down for dinner.” My mother said.

My family sat and ate dinner in silence. When we were done I helped my mother clear the table.

“Mom, now that I am done can I go over and see McKinley?” I asked my mom.

“Sure. Just be home before dark.” She told me.

I went to go put on my shoes so I could go to my best friend’s house.


McKinley Sarah Beecher is my best friend. We have been best friends since we were born. We were born one day a part in fact. Also, she knew exactly what I was feeling. The weird feeling in my fingers, in my whole body. I just wanted to know, we both wanted to know.


“Hi Brenda! Can McKinley and I go for a walk?” I asked McKinley’s mom.

“That’s fine. I’ll go get her.” She said.

I heard footsteps running around. Then rushing downstairs.

“Liv!” McKinley yelled and jumped on me. She always called me Liv, unless she was mad at me.

“Hey! What the heck? You saw me this morning.” I said laughing.

“I don’t know. I felt like jumping on you. Let’s go on a walk.” She replied while shutting the door and skipping down the front walk.

“Slow down would you!” I yelled after her.

McKinley had always been taller than me. Most of the time I had to do a slow jog to keep up with her.

“Can you please walk at my speed please?” I said as I caught up to her.

“I guess I can do that.” She said sarcastically.

“Have you had anymore feelings?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I had one this afternoon.”  She told me.

“Did your parents say why?”

“You know that answer to that.”

“We’ll tell you when you’re twelve.”

“Why can’t they just tell us?”

“I don’t know.”

“Wake up.” I heard a whisper in my ear.

I moved a little bit then I saw my parents looking down at me.

“Happy birthday!” They both yelled.

“Thank you.” I said tiredly.

I woke up slowly and realized it was already May 14th. Then I realized I was finally twelve and my parents would finally tell me why I had all these feelings.

“So now you can tell me everything. Why I see those crazy things, why I have these feelings!” I said.

“Well, sweetheart you’re a witch.” My mother said.

“What?” I said in dumbfounded shock.

“Yes honey. You’re witch. You can do magic.” Dad told.

“I… I… I’m witch? Why couldn’t you have told me earlier?” I asked still shocked.

“We didn’t want you to go to school and feel weird or telling anybody about what you are.” Mom said.

“But wait? Are other people witches and wizards then? Is that why I see crazy things.” I asked my parents.

“Yes it is. Godric’s Hollow consists mostly of magic families. But since you go to a school with other towns there is a big possibility that there are kids who can’t do magic.” My dad explained.

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.” I said, still trying to process things.

“There is something else we have to tell you.” My dad said.

“What?” I responded

“Well next term you won’t be going back to your old school.” Dad told me.

“What? Why? I have to go back, McKinley is there.” I raised my voice.

“You will be going to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. They will teach you how to use your magic. I’m sure you won’t have to give up seeing McKinley. She is a witch to.” My mom said.

“She is?” I asked.

“Yes, she only just found out as well.” My mom told me.

I guess it won’t be so bad to go then. I get to learn to be a witch and I get to do it with my best friend.

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