Adopted by 5?

Jo is a 13 year old girl who is in the Happy Home For Girls.
What will happen when 5 boys come and decide they want to adopt?
Read to find out!


9. ...

Jo's POV.

"JO YOUR BEING PICKED!" is what I heard, I was shocked by that! I never ever get picked! and now that I do its with famous people! I cant believe it!

I ran upstairs to my room. I don't have much clothes but I had some. I packed 2 shirts 2pants and my tooth brush and hairbrush.

I was saying good bye to Gill when Jenny walked up... "I cant believe you! you fucking skank! I hate you!" she yelled at me, Gill doesn't like yelling so she left crying, her parents always yelled at her and beat her. "why, what did I do?" I asked, I didn't do anything to her I don't even talk to her! "they were going to pick me but them 'you know what? that Jenny over there is just a little whore!' and they believed you!" she yelled at me, what the fuck?! I never said that! "I never said that!" I said back I was getting a little mad that she would do that, like they weren't going to pick her! "YES YOU FUCKING DID!" she screamed at me and punched me in the face, I screamed really loud it hurt o bad !

Niall came running up and saw that I had blood all over my face! he gasped at the amount of blood! he picked me up and carried me to the bathroom and locked the door. by now was starting to get the pain rushing to my head, but I can think straight. "what happened?!?!" he asked me while getting a cloth. "she.. hhhit .. mmmeee!" is all I could get out! "what?! why did she hit you?" he asked "sshe sh she sa said th that iit wa was my my my fffault thaat sh she ddidnt ge get p p picked" I said stuttering..

and then it went black...


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