Adopted by 5?

Jo is a 13 year old girl who is in the Happy Home For Girls.
What will happen when 5 boys come and decide they want to adopt?
Read to find out!


4. The talk!

Simon's POV. 

Oh my god  they were supposed to be here at 1:00 it is now 1:32. Why does it take them so long?

they need to learn some responsibility! I have the best plan!


Harrys POV. 

"Liam what time are we supposed to be there at?" Asked Zayn "umm 1:00 why? Oh shit Louis pick up the speed were late!" Liam yelled "why do we have to go talk with him?" I asked " I'm not sure all he said was that he needs to talk to us at 1:00" Liam said "ok" I said " are we still going to Nandos after?" Niall asked, is that all he cares about is food?! " yes we can go there" Liam reassured him. 

We arrived at the studio and ran as fast as we could to his office. " well it's about time you guys got here" Simon said, oh he's mad now! "Sorry Si there was a lot of traffic and.." Louis tried saying but got cut off "oh no excuses please!" Simon said "sorry" Louis said, I've gotta say these guys are sooo funny! "Well since your late" Simon started "you guys have to adopt a child! Has to be a girl and  the age has to be from 10-14 ok?" He asked "What?!" I asked "this is your punishment and this will teach you guys to be on time for everything!" He told us "ok!" Liam said, he was excited. " I've already booked you a appointment! So go on and go pick out one that you think will be the best!" He said and with that we all got up and left the room

how could he do this to us? Like we have Liam for our responsibility! We don't need a child but I guess this should be fun! Right? 

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