Adopted by 5?

Jo is a 13 year old girl who is in the Happy Home For Girls.
What will happen when 5 boys come and decide they want to adopt?
Read to find out!


7. Picking!



I can't believe that One Direction is coming like I'm really hoping that they'll pick me but they will probably pick a little kid. I bet they will pick Gill! She's sooo pretty!! 

"ALL GIRLS AGES..." Here it goes I bet it will be the younger ones! "AGES 10-14PLEASE COME DOWN FOR LOOKING," she yelled, me and Gill looked at each other with shock "did you just here what I just heard??" I asked "yep lets go down there right now!" She said and with that we both went running down 


Nialls POV


ok we are here and are about to check in. "Hi we are here to adopt a girl we are.." Liam started but then got cut off by the lady " yea yea yea we know ill go get the girls" she said, man she's a grouch! "ALL GIRLS AGES 10-14 PLEASE COME DOWN FOR LOOKING," she yelled, as they were coming down I heard a couple screams, I think they know who we are. They all lined up and we all went and interviewed them! A lot of them were very rude! I was looking for a nice pretty one and who is not rude! I saw these two girls standing talking to eachother, I walked up to them " hey what's your names? I'm Niall!" I told them "oh hi! I'm Jo and this is Gill!" She's said well I guess Jo said, "nice to meet you!" I said "nice to meet you to!" Gill said back, I kinda think she was trying not fan girl on us, but Jo she was very nice pretty and all of the above! " how old are you two?" I asked " we are both 13" Gill answered " we'll it's nice to meet you two! But I got to go talk to the boys!" I told them and they said bye as I walked to find the boys 

"I think I might have found the one" Harry told us "what's her name, what's her age?" Louis asked " her name is Jenny! She's 14!" He told us " guess what!" I told them "what?!" They all said " I think I might have found the one to! Her name is Jo and she's 13!" I told them.     We decided to interview them both to see what one was best! We started with Jo! They all liked her! Then we went to Jenny.. You will never guess what she said! She said "you know what? That Jo over there is just a little whore!" Wow where was that from? " watch your mouth young lady!" Liam said well she's out 

we went to a little room and guess what! We picked Jo! 

We went up to the front desk and told the lady who we wanted!


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