Adopted by 5?

Jo is a 13 year old girl who is in the Happy Home For Girls.
What will happen when 5 boys come and decide they want to adopt?
Read to find out!


10. Niall's POV

whoa what do I do? she blacked out! what if she's dead?! what am I going to do? I just started to scream! loud! I was panicking. that's when the others boys came running in, "dude what happened?" Liam yelled, I couldn't talk. I as panicking , that's when I felt something ice cold hit me, "CALM DOWN!" Harry yelled "that girl, t-that girl like h-h-hit her a-and said it w-was all her f-fault that s-she didn't get p-picked, a-and there as b-blood b-blood everywhere!" I got out "well lets get her to a hospital!" Zayn said and with that Harry picked her up and Liam grabbed her stuff and we went running to the car. Louis drove mad fast! "just try not to get blood on my seats!" he yelled "k" Jo said softly. we all turn our heads towards her, her eyes were jut barely opened that's when she closed them and fell onto my lap. "were here!" Liam said and with that Harry picked her up and we all went running in there. the nurse saw us and grabbed a wheelchair and then went into a room but we couldn't get in which made us all mad!! we were sitting in the waiting room "Liam do you have any change on you?" I asked "yeah why?" he said "where have you been? there's a vending machine over there! and we still haven't went to Nando's!" I said 'pouting' "haha ok here's 5 bux" he said handing me the 5, "whoa no, I will only get like 2 things with that!! can you double that?" I ask making my puppy dog face "no" he said "here Niall" Zayn said handing me another 5 at least he understands! "thanks mate!" and with that I left.. I got 2 bags of chips a pop and 2 candy bars and walked back. as I was eating my second bag of chips the doctor came out. "are any of you the father of.. Jo?" he asked "umm we just adopted her" Liam said and with that he told us to follow him and we did. "so she lost a lot of blood but she's going to be ok, she is just sleeping and in the morning you could take her home!" he said and we all just nodded

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