Adopted by 5?

Jo is a 13 year old girl who is in the Happy Home For Girls.
What will happen when 5 boys come and decide they want to adopt?
Read to find out!


2. chapter 1

Jo's POV.

"ALL GIRLS THAT ARE OLDER THEN 10 COME DOWN NOW!" Miss. Hattie yelled, let me say one thing, i am not a morning person, "Come on Jo! we don't want to be the last ones down again! remember last time?!" oh shit! yea Miss. Hattie made me and Gill go in the 'bad girl room' that is where you go in a small room and stay there. "oh shit yess lets go!" i kind of yelled. we both guickly got dressed and brushed our hair, surprized we were the first ones down! "great now you two go start setting the tables for lunch! and since you two are the firrst ones down you girls tell the chefs what to cook for lunch!" she said, wow! we get to pick! i think today will be a good day! "Oh my god! we get to pick!!" Gill pretty much yelled in my face, "ok ok ok! um for sure lets have mac and cheese!!" just saying thats my fav!! "ok and how abot hotdogs!?" Gill asked "yessss!" i pretty much yelled. so e told the chef what we wanted andseet all of the tables up the other girls came to help to. boy is this ever going to be a good day! that mac and cheese and a hotdog was the best! even though the other girls did not really like us after cause they were calliing us names like ' lardo' 'dogface' 'bitches' all that kinda stuff.

me and Gill went upstairs after lunch. we pretty much just talked the whole time, "guess what?!?!?!" Gill asked "what???" i asked i wanted to know! "guess!" i hate it when she does this! i never know what to guess so i said "what did Justin Bieber coe and ask you to marry him?" "ummm no! but that would be AWESOME!!!! but anyways i oer heard Miss Hattie talking and she said that there is 5 guys coming and they are in a band called One DIrection!" she answerd "well...!" i said "welll what?!?!?!" she asked "LOOK THEM UP!!!!" I yelled because if they are in a band they gotta e hot! "ok ok ok hold your horses!" she said laughing, i think she had the same thought as mine. "i dont have horses!" i said back to her" i said and Gill just laughed and went and got her laptop! we decided to go on google first! "OH MY FUCKING GOD JO!!!! LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!" Gill said,  i think sshe might cry, i mean like yeah the y are a little good looking "yeah i see them! wait if they are famous then they must know Little Mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled, i love them! "yeah yeah yeah" Gill laughed "lets go o youtube and see if they can sing good!" she said a little to loud because Jenny walked in and said "wow looking at a new band that you will be in love with forever? well gues what!" "what?" we both said, lets say we both dont like Jenny that much! i mean lets face it she a total Bitch! "well One Directions coming here to adopt one of us so im just going to tell you two something! they wont adopt one of you! wanna know why? because you two are ugly! and noone likes you!" she yelled and left. i started crying while i could see the anger in Gills face! "ok lets watch this one! and please dont cry! she is just jelous of us" Gill said and clicked Live While Were Young "okk and your right!" i said. wow they are so amazing!

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