Adopted by 5?

Jo is a 13 year old girl who is in the Happy Home For Girls.
What will happen when 5 boys come and decide they want to adopt?
Read to find out!


5. Car ride!

Niall's POV.


i can't believe that we have together a kid! Like its a good thing and a bad thing, the bad thing is that we will have to take her every where, and the good thing is that there will be one less kid in an orphanage! Like I mean if you don't want a kid then why did you do it in the first place. Wait a minute Liam said we can go to Nandos... "LIAM are we still going to Nandos?" I asked "yes we can go to Nandos after we pick out a girl to take home" he said, I just laughed cause it sounds like we are taking a girl home and then she goes back, like when you pick a chicken but you see a bigger one so you put the smaller one back and take the bigger one! Haha "Niall?" Asked Zayn "Yess?" I asked back mocking him "is all you think about is food?" He asked omfg did he just asked that? " Zayn let's talk.." I started I heard someone go "no no no" I think it was Harry I gave him a similar talk when he asked me the same question, "food is a wonderful thing right? Right! Everyone loves food! And I know there are little kids in Africa wanting food to, that's why I donate quite a bit of money to there so everyone can have so food because everyone just loves food!" I said pretty proud! "Ok Niall what ever you say!" He said I just smiled and nodded. 

Harry's POV.


Zayn is so stupid! Never ever ask Niall if all he thinks about is food, he didn't give him the full speech like I got! Man it took 1 whole hour! I can't wait to pick out a girl! But I wonder why he said girls ages 10-13 Like why do we have to have responsibility for these girls when the little ones always have to get there dippers changed like these ages they are so easy! I wonder what her name will be? "WE'RE HERE!" Liam shouted then we all got out of the car. This place is a dump!


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