Alice And Her Choice

Please enjoy!


1. The Beginning

Hi, My name is Alice, And this is how my world ended then began. It was a hot, sunny 4th of July in Topeka, Kansas. The pavement looked like the ocean on a winy day from the heat but everything was still. No wind, no cars with music pounding and making everything around it vibrate, no lawns being mowed, no squeals from little kids playing in their pool or with their sprinklers. It was just too hot to do much of anything. My brother Jake was down stairs playing "Call of Duty" on the Xbox, My mother was in the kitchen making lunch, my father was in his office with the AC on and working on getting a promotion, and I was in my room listening to my music and and texting my best friend Jordan. She and I had been friends since she moved here from Cali in the 4th grade.

Jordan-"So who do you have your eye on now?" 

Me-"Ummm, no one. Tray just broke up with me last week"

Jordan- "Oh right...Sorry"

Me-"Well I'd better go, lunch is almost ready"

Jordan- "Ok well, text me if you want" 


I dropped my phone on the floor and threw myself into my pillows. Tears came streaming down my face as I thought of Tray. 


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