Isn's She Lovley Isn't She Wonderful

A girl named Maeve escapes from her father but she falls in love.


4. Shopping

Maeve's P.O.V. 

RINGGGGGGG. I pick up my phone. I got a text from my BEST FRIEND Jordyn. hey want to hang out?.i text back sure. meet me here.78 temple street. Perrie , Emily and Eleanor are coming. see u soon. I rush to get ready i go downstairs and get the door i sceam. " I MISS YOU GUYS" I scream and hug them come in. The boys come darting in and scream " WHAT IS WRONG MAEVE". " nothing" i said. " Girls meet Niall , Liam, Zayn, Louis , and Harry" i said. The girls introduced themselves.  I walk in to the kitchen. Harry, Zayn , Louis , and Liam come in and say are "your friends single" they ask. " YES " I said. " thank you" they said and darted in to the living room. i walk in and sat next to niall and watched a movie. 

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