The Truth

A kidnapping leads to a game of Life or Death!!


2. Kidnapping and The 'Game'



Lily's P.O.V

*FLASHBACK* El, Perrie and I were walking to our car when these guys dragged us into a van while topping our faces with a napkin filled with chloroform. When I came too I was in a moving car blindfolded, tied up and my mouth had a rag topping it making me unable to scream. I start to squirm around. Then I felt a hand touch my thigh and I began to kick and move around. I felt a hard punch hit my stomach causing me to scream as loud I possibly could with a rag topping my mouth. I started to hear " mmmhmmm" coming from behind me. It must have been El and Perrie. I didn't know where we were being taken to but I know it was someplace far. The car had suddenly stopped and I looked around while trying to untie the ropes. Then someone picked me up from my waist and threw me on their shoulder. I punched and kicked as hard as I could but the person just kept walking. The person sat me down in a chair and tied my hands and feet to a chair. After what felt like forever in silence a door swung open and somebody took the rag out of my mouth. I gasped for air. I started to hear some noises so I yelled “El, Perrie, are you here" I yelled. "Lil" Perrie and El yelled at the same time. I heard talking coming from different directions. “Who are you people, what do you want from us" I yelled. Laughter came from a women's voice " What I want from you is simple I want you guys to pay for what your boyfriends did but not after torturing you guys a little" . “Who are you?" El yelled. “Now, now if I wanted you to know who I was there would be no need for the blindfolds now would there" said the women. "Listen here you Bitch, I suggest you let us go before you do something you regret" Perrie yelled. “Now, now settle down my pretty angels the games haven't even come into play yet" said the women. “Honey were you keeping our guests company" said a deep voice." Darling I still think they're the wrong people we should be kidnapping" said the women. “We both know why we had to kidnap them; don't tell me you want to back down now" said the man. “Of course not ’’said the women. The man began to talk " Let me start off by congratulating you, you are now going to participate in a scavenger hunt game called 'LIVE OR DIE'" the man said laughing. " So sorry but we forfeit and won't be playing this game of yours, I suggest you let us go now or all you'll be doing is rotting away in jail while becoming someone's Bitch for this stunt your pulling" I said not knowing where that burst of courage came from. A man came over and punched me in the face and stomach again. I tried to hold in the pain so El and Perrie wouldn't worry. " Okay now that that's settled I will continue, you will be playing the game LIVE OR DIE meaning that depending on whoever is playing the other two girls will live if all rules are followed... Okay lets begin with instructions, you will be given a task to do and if you complete it within a certain time frame the other two will live" the man said as he walked around taking off our blindfolds. I flinched at the light and slowly opened my eyes. As Perrie saw the state I was in she completely lost it. “YOU MOTHER FUCKERS HOW DARE YOU HURT ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS, WHEN THE COPS FIND US I'LL MAKE SURE YOU GUYS ROT IN HELL" SHE SAID YELLING WITH FURY. “I see we have a feisty one here boys, why don't you teach here a lesson" the man said with a smirk. “No" I yelled, " Don't you dare touch her!". The man stared at me and called his men off and walked over to the middle. " Okay we have stalled this game for too long, the rules are when completing the task you mustn't contact the police, your One Direction boyfriends, leave any hints behind that could lead to our whereabouts, and last but not least you must complete each task before time is up or one of you guys will die" he said. I starred at the girls with fear in my eyes and El gave me an 'it’s okay' look even though I knew she was scared inside. With this we began to play that sick man's game. We caught wild animals, cut ourselves, had to find certain objects in a list, and even had to climb up the woods in search of specific plants. It wasn't like he needed any of this he just wanted to see us in pain and suffering. After three days of non-stop torture I heard loud yelling coming from outside the door. As the yelling continued I tried to signal El and Perrie to look at me. We all knew we had to think of a plan to get out of here while none of us were being held hostage. The man came in and pulled me up by my hair. “You, you will go into the city and collapse in front of a hospital" the man said. “What?" I said trying to get my hair back. "You will create a scene that will soon reach One Directions ears then, when they see you, you will completely ignore them boosting up their anger and curiosity, then you will leave a note saying 'Come play the game or else' along with this phone and escape to our usual pick up spot" said the man burning with fury. “Now go and do as I said or your friends here will die" he said while signaling his men to take me away. I looked back at the girls and nodded giving them reassurance that I would be back before time ends.

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