The Truth

A kidnapping leads to a game of Life or Death!!


3. Joining the game!!



  Niall's P.O.V:

I waited impatiently with the boys in the waiting room. We all lit up when we saw the doctor coming towards us. He said he just saw Lily waking up and that it should be fine to see her as long as we didn't cause her any stress. As the doctor escorted us to Lil's room I saw the door from the fire escape stairs wide open. I looked at it and then continued walking to Lil's room. I was the last one to walk into her room. “She’s gone" Liam said. “Gone, what do you mean she's gone" I said as I started to search the whole room. I slid down the wall and sat there. "No this can't be happening, why did this have to happen again" I said tears forming in my eyes when the stairs to the fire escape came into my eyes. I ran out the door and went down the stairs. I reached outside and started to look around everywhere. I then saw a glimpse of Lily's back and began to chase after her. I knew it was her; I wouldn't mistake her for anyone else. As I chased after Lily she quickly crossed the street and as i was following I was stopped by the incoming cars. Still eyeing Lil I was shocked to see her get into a white van. I stood there on the street wondering what this could've meant. I only knew Lil for about a year now but I know she wouldn't be working for the kidnappers, I just know it. I walked back to the hospital with what I saw still in my head. "Niall, where have you been where did you run off to" Harry said with a worried look on his face. “Harry there's something I need to say" I said. “Niall what is it, I've never seen you so serious before" harry said. “Let’s go see the guys" Niall said walking back into the building. I told the guys what I saw and Zayn flipped, Louis was shocked, Liam was in deep thought, and Harry was comforting me. “What could this mean guys, I just don't know what to think, I love Lily so much, I just don't want to accuse her without knowing the facts" I said with a very serious look on my face. “Niall don't worry, I know Lily didn't have anything to do with this, El and me adored Lil' and we all know just how kindhearted she is" said Louis. "Tanks Lou that means a lot to me coming from you" said Niall.

“Something is definitely up, there's something more than just a kidnapping going on here" said Liam. I looked up and realized we were all surrounding Liam. “Detective Payne has you found anything that could help" said harry. "Harry now's not the time to be joking around’’said Liam. ‘‘Sorry" said Harry. “But don't you find it funny that the cops haven't found anything that could help in finding the girls" said Liam. "Now that you mention it, I tried calling the detectives office and the detective that's currently working on this case wasn't there" said Zayn. “Yeah and wouldn't it be wise to check surveillance cameras like they do in those Criminal Minds and C.S.I shows" said Louis. "I don't know what's going on but I feel that we amateurs will be able to find the girls without their help" said Liam. " Sounds good to me, I hated just sitting around doing nothing while knowing my girlfriend is out there probably hurt" Zayn said. I looked around the room and noticed a note under the bed behind Liam who was now sitting on the floor like the rest of us. “Liam what's that behind you" I said. "'s a note and a phone" Liam said as he reached under the bed. “What does it say" said Zayn. “It says to come play the game or else" Liam says looking at us.

Liam's P.O.V:

 I read the note out loud and it sent chills down my spine. Just what did this note mean? Silence filled the air as we all sat there deep in thought. We all jumped at the sound of a loud ring coming from the phone."Hello" i said answering the phone. “Oh why hello, don't you think tonight's weather is just lovely" the man said. “Who are you?" I said. “Wait you wouldn't be from One Direction would you" the man said. “Yes I am" I said. “I see which one, are you Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, or maybe are you Zayn" the man said. “I’m Liam" I said. “OH I see, well Liam it's time I tell you the rules of the game" the man said. “Game" I said. “Why yes the game your lovely girlfriends are playing" the man said. I stood up at his comment." Just who are you, what have you done to them" I said bursting with anger. I noticed the boys staring at me in confusion and slowly understanding the situation. "What do you want, is it money, fame?" i said. The man laughed through the phone. Zayn snatched the phone away from me and yelled " YOU SON OF A BITCH, IF YOU EVEN TOUCHED ONE STRAIN OF MY GIRLFRIENDS HAIR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU MYSELF". I quickly snatched the phone and heard the man laughing. “What’s so funny" i said. "Nothing it's just weird how similar Zayn and his girlfriend acts" said the man. At this point the guys were huddling around me trying to hear the man speak. “What do you want?"I said. "Oh right, back to business, like I said you will be joining our little game.... Our game LIVE OR DIE!!!" the man said while laughing like a mad man. 

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