<3 First love <3

From my point of view I think that approxemetly during there tennish years girls have there first kiss. This is the story of 16 year old Catriona Robinson who falls in love with the most popular guy in High School. But problems will pop up. Will she kiss him ? Will she have her first kiss with him or with his mate?


5. The new boy

8 : 30 a.m- Both of the girls were having breakfast and Catriona was telling her what had happened when someone bumped into there table. He was one of Kyle's friends. After he excused himself and gave a wink to Catriona he left. Catriona was surprised. He was cute but Kyle was gorgeous  That night there was a party for the new students in High School. Both of the girls were dressed in heels and in the best dresses they had. With some make-up and their hair styled they walked into the hall were all the students were dancing along with the music.

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