<3 First love <3

From my point of view I think that approxemetly during there tennish years girls have there first kiss. This is the story of 16 year old Catriona Robinson who falls in love with the most popular guy in High School. But problems will pop up. Will she kiss him ? Will she have her first kiss with him or with his mate?


2. Meeting Kyle Evans

First lesson- done! second lesson - done! No more lessons for that day. Both of the girls were having lunch on the fresh grass, when Catriona's eyes fell on someone with blonde hair, green eyes and a mascular body. He was with his friends walking and laughing. Catriona had never felt that way before. She was always focused on her studies. She didn't want noone to know she had a crush on someone already but it was too late. Cody knew what had happend ! She told her that his name was Kyle Evans, one of the most popular boys in school. All the girls in school wanted to go out with him but he would only choose the right one in the right time

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