Death & Co. Art

For the Death & Co, Young Graphic Artist Competition - a series of sketches inspired by the novel, Death & Co. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! xD


3. There's More To Life Than Death


"Living is letting things go. Before that all you've got is waiting. Waiting for death; for the end you never should seek out." 


A hinged bead hanging from a chain, held between two fingers. Sort of based on Aunty Jo's locket too :) it basically represents the fact that you're sort of living only half a life if you can't let go of things because living is being free and letting go is freedom and ah if you don't live, you're stuck in a stupor-like existence p, and there's more to life than death! Just some metaphorical stuff, Lord knows if it makes any sense, but it was fun to draw :'D 


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