I've recently thought about writing a diary, so I thought I'd put it on here for you all to see! YAY! I hope you find my life somewhat amusing or interesting, so yeah, be nosy you nosy little people.


3. 22nd May 2013


So, today, walking to school, normally I walk with Natalie, Ruth, Jess, Hannah, Jemima and sometimes Jorja, Layyah and Nancy, Emilly walked with us. She's the sort of girl that has all the boys in love with her, falling at her feet. So, she walked with us, and this guy we know called Ed is totally head-over-heels with her. He planned to ask her out on the way home, so she decided to walk home as well. We get to the met stop (tram stop) and we're waiting for ages and finally they arrive (Ed, Fin, Joe, Harry and PJ) but get on the met. We follow them and our door is cramped as hell, and we're shoved around the pole in the middle to hold onto or we'll go flying. Ed is going as red as a tomato, and by the time me, Jess, Joe and PJ get off the met two stops after - they all have around 3 minutes between them - he hasn't asked her out, so we go off in a huff and give Ed the right evils. He never even asked her out afterwards. It was all so strange...

My stupid exams are still going on, but they were all easy peasy today. I can't be bothered revising tomorrow, so I'm writing here and jamming out to Jedward and One Direction. WOO ONE DIRECTION! I was in the music room today with my fellow best friend and directioner Emily, and she was playing the piano and I was singing all their songs. It was so fun!

So that's me guys, Hannah Skell, over and out for one more day!


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