I've recently thought about writing a diary, so I thought I'd put it on here for you all to see! YAY! I hope you find my life somewhat amusing or interesting, so yeah, be nosy you nosy little people.


2. 21st May 2013


Starting from today, I have exams until Friday. I absolutely hate them; I don't even understand why we have them, we don't get put into sets or anything for them?! It's totally pointless. I hate revising for them too, they make it seems like we're doing our GCSEs and yet still expect us to do homework! I hate my school, gee whiz. I love that word - whiz. WHIZ. WHIZ! 

We're on form report at school, which doesn't happen often, because our form apparently is 'confrontational towards teachers' just because we ask about things. Basically, somebody carries around a slip of paper, and the teacher writes down the overall behaviour of the class, and anyone without homework or PE kit, and anybody that has been particularly badly behaved. BUT, we get written on for the most stupid things! Here's a few things girls have been put on the form report for; chewing gum, owning up to doing wrong, explaining what has actually happened and the teacher missed, talking and being late. We asked our form tutor about it, and she told us 'if the teacher says the sky is purple, the sky is purple' and to be honest, what authority do teachers have over us? They're basically just random strangers that have a degree in bossing us around. I personally think it doesn't make sense at all.

It's my best friend's birthday on Friday too! YAY! I can't wait at all, and I've got her the most amazing present ever, which I know she'll love, because she's wanted it forever, and even though I'm probably missing my dance lesson, I don't mind, even though I love dancing now. 

I am completely lost too, ever since my headphones broke. I can't detach myself from the world for an hour, but on the plus side, when I blast it from my room, Orla (my cocky little sister) gets so annoyed, I nearly wet myself! Some information on Orla: she thinks she's older than me, when she's not; she owns more make-up than me and she's two and a half years younger than me; she goes all sickly sweet around her friends; she's one of the most fake people I've ever met, and I've met lots of fake people; she puts no effort into anything and she says she has boobs when she's flat chested. 

So that's me guys, Hannah Skell, over and out for one more day. 


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